And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More about the Missions trip opportunity

I told some of you on Facebook that I would elaborate on the missions trip that Kyle would like to go on. It will be in August 2010 and he will be traveling with a local ladies collegiate basketball team. The trip is to Uganda where they will be visiting some orphanages and doing other things. The highlight of the trip will be visiting Katie. Some of you know about Katie but for those that don't please, please take a moment to read about this special follower of Christ.  

Although the trip isn't until August Kyle needs to let them know if he's going in January and possibly put down a deposit. So while I know this is a strapped time of year for everyone if you are interested there is now a button on my blog page to donate. The trip is an expensive one, over $3000. We are trusting that God will provide these funds if He intends for Kyle to go. I know that it will be an amazing trip!

Well aside from the missions trip info, life just continues on in the Carter household. We went to visit the Fun Zone with some great friends yesterday morning. That was my first trip and I highly recommend going! It is ran by some great ladies and as Annalyn said "It's called the Fun Zone because it is SO MUCH FUN!" Great exercise for all the kids. They were exhausted when we left!

Today was a journey to the library. What a great place for grown ups and kids! I am back on another reading phase so if any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear about them! I really love to read! I like lots of different genres (no vampire books please, esp. those geared at preteen girls- not my thing!). My children share my love of books so it is always an adventure for them to go and pick theirs out!

I do have a question for you today (feel free to comment or private message me with your response). Do you just do things yourself or do you take the time to try to get others to help you? I feel like I am really struggling with this lately. Lots of times I just do things myself but as I am doing them or when I am done I find myself aggravated. Usually I end up feeling taken advantage of or overworked. And of course I am not referring to everything but smaller things like whether to make my kids clean up every mess they make or just to do it myself. Or whether to wait for the garbage to get taken out or do it myself. There are lots of examples I could give. Some of them are petty things  but others are continuous bigger things. Then I find if I do something once it seems that I am expected to do it everytime. Do any of you ever struggle with this?

Have a happy New Year! I hope these little blogs are interesting!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blessed beyond measure

While the title should refer to the abundance of blessings we receive from the Lord (and He does bless us immensely!) this time of year it actually refers to all the stuff my kids get for Christmas!! We are overflowing in the Carter household! There are still packages that are unopened because I don't think we can fit one more thing in their room! They really like all the new toys, games, and movies. It was a joy this year to watch their excitement over each and every present!

I am looking forward to 2009 drawing to an end. I appreciate every moment that God grants me but it is nice to feel a fresh beginning coming. I am looking forward to all the new things that God has in store for us! While we pray and wait for His guidance and direction there are some things that we are looking forward to.
We weren't able to go on vacation anywhere this past year so any little trip anywhere in 2010 would be amazing!!!! Preferably somewhere warm with a beach if I'm picking! Also Kyle is REALLY wanting to go on a missions trip this year! What a wonderful husband I have! He has opportunity to go with a group to Uganda in August. He is very excited about this. I am going to try to put a paypal button on my blog in case anyone would like to help with the expense. Th first step will be getting his passport. I am homeschooling Annalyn in PreK right now. We are still praying but I think I will be homeschooling her for Kindergarten as well. What a wonderful adventure to be on with my precious daughter! The flexibility will be wonderful, we can spend lots of time on Bible teaching, and she can move at her own pace (which is set to high right now!). I know that no matter what things lie ahead of us in 2010 God will bless our every moment.

I miss my daddy, we miss Papaw Carter, and we sorely long for sweet angel Morgan, but we know that they are resting in peace. I pray that this will  be an easier year for my children. One filled with sunshine and rainbows! :)

Happy New Year to you all! Feel free to comment and tell me what your New Year will bring!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almond pie & lots of laughs

So last night was our annual Christmas dinner with our closest friends. It had been postponed a few days due to illness but was a go last night! So I had this huge bag of almonds that I had bought on sale a few weeks ago. I love almonds, I am actually partial to almost all nuts. As I was cooking the portions of the meal that I was in charge of, I started thinking about those almonds and what I could make with them. I thought wow I have never had an almond pie (was sort of thinking of a pecan pie knockoff) but I bet that would be really good! In here I race to my trusty computer and google to find a recipe. Seriously I have put in all kinds of crazy things followed by recipe and had some great results. Well not so much with almond pie. There were one or two that did not sound appealing but mostly the results were for almond cake or almond pie shell. Not what I was looking for. Well being the adventurous chef that I am (hahaha I almost choked myself on that one!) I decided to just throw some ingredients together to see what I could come up with. Now in the meantime I had put too much cornbread batter into the pan and it had spilled over into the oven and I fully expected my stove to catch on fire at anytime. Also my kids were attempting every few minutes to sneak downstairs and destroy all the cleaning I had done. But I digress, so I threw some ingredients in a bowl, mixed them up, then poured them into the pie shell (which I discover as I was pouring was not a deep dish shell and so I had to scoop some filling back out). I threw it in the over with the cornbread and hoped it would not all catch on fire!

I'll just be honest here.... that was the ugliest pie I had ever seen. A big hunk of it had fell off I guess because it was still a little over full. Most of the almonds converged in the center of the pie and it was a bit.... okay a lot.. runny. I briefly toyed with the idea of chunking it but I had snuck a small bite off the side and it was yummy! Plus these were my best friends all coming to dinner. They'd be nice, right? LOL!

Well the dinner was awesome even with all the small catastrophes. The pie was eatten ugly and all. We all came up with some ideas of things to do different the next time to make it just right. When I get it all perfected I will post that recipe! A good time was had by all!

Sometimes my life has been like a recipe that I have tried to create. I don't always stir in the right ingredients and so I don't always get the right result. But when I put myself in with true, good, God loving friends, my amazing husband and children, and I allow God's will to guide my recipe then it always comes out perfect! I pray for you that you have found your perfect recipe for this life! Sometimes it has to be tweaked a little as things change and not all ovens are the same but stay on the path of the Lord and it will come out right!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Christmas gift.....

We like to tell A & E that at Christmas time we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Lord & Saviour, and the reason we exchange gifts is because we cannot give physical gifts to Jesus. Well today we got our gift FROM Jesus.......

Yesterday our sweet 2 year old boxer Abby got hit by a car on the highway we live on. No one stopped. We didn't even know it had happened until our very kind neighbor brought her to our porch. It was clear that her leg was badly broken. She was in a lot of pain and bleeding profusely. Kyle and my stepdad loaded her up in the kind neighbor's truck and rushed her to the emergency vet. After several hours the vet took some xrays and at first said it was just broken and would need minor surgery. He was gonna splint her up and send her home. Then after seeing the xrays he realized that it was a bad break. Right on the joint where it is very hard to fix. Surgery would be expensive and may or may not work. Amputation or fusion was an option but neither bode well for poor Abby's future. Kyle brought her home for the evening so we could pray and decide what to do. Well our poor doggy was miserable all night long. Even taking twice the dose of pain meds didn't ease her. She literally cried all night long and even screamed out a few times.

After much worry, praying, and sadness we decided that the best we could do was to have her put to sleep. It would be costly and time consuming to find a vet to fix her. With 2 small kids at home we knew that recovery would be difficult if not impossible. It had been all we could do the one night to keep them away from her. We went to church this morning with heavy hearts and eyelids. After church we let the kids spend some time loving on her and then we explained to them that Abby was not going to make it. That we did not want her to suffer anymore. They handled it pretty well. Then we put them down for nap, spent a little while longer with her and then Kyle loaded her in the van.

A little over an hour later he called me back. He said he would not be bringing Abby's body home. I was thinking OH NO what on earth had happened?? A lady that works with the vet wanted to keep Abby! She obviously has access to more medical treatment for her and will know how to manage her pain so much better! She doesn't have any kids to worry about and she will be able to get the expensive surgery for Abby!!! While we are so so sad to have lost our family pet we truly feel like God stepped in today. He turned our pain into a blessing! It is amazing where He makes a way when there is no way.

Thank you Jesus for our Christmas present today and for the ultimate gift and sacrifice when you gave your life on the cross for our sins!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So this is Christmas......

Well almost anyway! My kids are definately gearing up for all the excitement! In fact they can barely contain themselves as the days draw closer and closer. My dinner party for tonight is temporarily postpones as one of the besties has piggy flu. So instead of today being a mad cooking. cleaning frenzy it has been a sit around and try to enjoy relaxing kind of day. Have I mentioned that I don't relax well? I have to be doing something. I am unable to just sit. I have too much going on in my mind to enjoy sitting.
Can any of you sit? If so please share your secret!

We are excited about Christmas although it will be a mad rush to go here, there, and yonder. As we travel we will be explaining more and more about the true meaning of Christmas to our kids. I love to read them the account in Luke 2. Even growing up in a home that didn't spend any time on Jesus, I can remember watching a Charlie Brown Christmas and getting chills when Linus began to recite "And there were shepards in the fields keeping watch over their flock..." Who can hear those words and deny the risen Saviour?

We actually get a lot of flack this time of year because we don't "do" Santa Claus. Our kids have seen "Santa" around obviously but we don't mince words to let them know that he is make believe. This has never bothered Annalyn in the least. In fact just the other day she let us know that Santas are creepy. I happen to agree that most of them are. Elijah on the other hand has developed quite an obsession with Santa this year! He gets so excited when he sees one! We did let him take a picture with the one that came to playschool. Mostly because he was YELLING at Santa. Don't get me wrong, if you chose that as a part of your Christmas tradition then I will not fault you in the least. As a child that was my favorite part of Christmas, but as I mentioned earlier I had not been introduced much to the real reason for the season.

I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God's Glory

We just watched "Facing the Giants" for the first time a few nights ago. When in our lives do we not feel like we are facing the giants of this world? I know personally there always seem to be several ready to tackle me. Of course I could have just related well to thid movie because I love football so much!

As we make decisions about our children and the education they will receive, we ask that you pray for us. We are blessed to live in a country where we can freely make these decisions and we have so many options open to us!

I am praying today that I can give God all the glory in all things! He deserves everything we have to give him. He created us and all that we see.