And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More about the Missions trip opportunity

I told some of you on Facebook that I would elaborate on the missions trip that Kyle would like to go on. It will be in August 2010 and he will be traveling with a local ladies collegiate basketball team. The trip is to Uganda where they will be visiting some orphanages and doing other things. The highlight of the trip will be visiting Katie. Some of you know about Katie but for those that don't please, please take a moment to read about this special follower of Christ.  

Although the trip isn't until August Kyle needs to let them know if he's going in January and possibly put down a deposit. So while I know this is a strapped time of year for everyone if you are interested there is now a button on my blog page to donate. The trip is an expensive one, over $3000. We are trusting that God will provide these funds if He intends for Kyle to go. I know that it will be an amazing trip!

Well aside from the missions trip info, life just continues on in the Carter household. We went to visit the Fun Zone with some great friends yesterday morning. That was my first trip and I highly recommend going! It is ran by some great ladies and as Annalyn said "It's called the Fun Zone because it is SO MUCH FUN!" Great exercise for all the kids. They were exhausted when we left!

Today was a journey to the library. What a great place for grown ups and kids! I am back on another reading phase so if any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear about them! I really love to read! I like lots of different genres (no vampire books please, esp. those geared at preteen girls- not my thing!). My children share my love of books so it is always an adventure for them to go and pick theirs out!

I do have a question for you today (feel free to comment or private message me with your response). Do you just do things yourself or do you take the time to try to get others to help you? I feel like I am really struggling with this lately. Lots of times I just do things myself but as I am doing them or when I am done I find myself aggravated. Usually I end up feeling taken advantage of or overworked. And of course I am not referring to everything but smaller things like whether to make my kids clean up every mess they make or just to do it myself. Or whether to wait for the garbage to get taken out or do it myself. There are lots of examples I could give. Some of them are petty things  but others are continuous bigger things. Then I find if I do something once it seems that I am expected to do it everytime. Do any of you ever struggle with this?

Have a happy New Year! I hope these little blogs are interesting!

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  1. Enlist help! You shouldn't have to do it all. Mondays were cleaning day around our house growing up, and my brother and I, along with Mom, cleaned all morning. We had a good time doing it, and I never resented having to help around the house (I did get a very small allowance which helped).

    I think other people want to help, but so many times they are not sure how to help or feel they are stepping on people's toes.

    When it comes to jobs nobody wants to do, well, I practice the art of waiting and praying. It's taken me 6 years of marriage, but Robert just gets more helpful each year.


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