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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling excited....

I am all excited about homeschooling today! I will admit I have days when I am terrified of it and then I have days when I am so excited about the freedom and fun that I almost can't sit still! I found out that another lovely mom at our church homeschools. She had some great insight to share with me this morning! I am feeling much more confident now about the curriculum that I am going to chose. I'm not quite ready to share those decisions with you just yet, but I will soon! I want to get my hands on them first and see how they look and feel. I think they will be good tools and both of them are cost efficent. One reason I have had such a hard time chosing is because there are so many free resources available, just waiting to be used. The problem is the planning aspect. Right now A and I are all over the place on phonics and math. I have no clear cut plan. I am excited that the curriculum will offer those to us. The best part is that the phonics program I am chosing can be used as soon as we get it! A is so far ahead, but this particular one has lots of levels so she can do the first level now and the next level in the fall!

In all my searching around I have found some more wonderful resources. Check out I believe they have free printable worksheets for just about anything you can think of! I printed some this morning on money and Groundhog's Day! There are also free printable 2010 calendars for each month. A and I have not done well keeping up with our big homemade calendar but if I give her a printed page for her to keep up with I think we will do better.

I am slowly becoming more organized. Our kitchen now has a large 3 drawer plastic storage system holding all our homeschool materials. I have arts and crafts supplies in one drawer, extra paper, flash cards, and our phonics readers in another, and completed and ready to complete worksheets in another. This is a much better thing that the overflowing plastic bucket I had before! We keep her study on the states in a manilla folder with a coloring page of the whole US glued to the front. As we do each state she colors it on the cover of her folder. We have a large laminated placemat of the US that we got for $1 at Wal-Mart to help us locate the state. Her memory verses of the 10 commandments are written on index cards and get taped to the kitchen door when we start a new one.

Here are a couple of more links for you:  This is a list of the common requirements for each grade level This is a great site to find used homeschool resources and curriculums Crayola has coloring sheets on this site for all kinds of different subjects!

The next couple of things I plan to buy are counting bears, a laminator, and a learning clock.


  1. Have you used It's great for working on reading/phonics skills.

  2. We have tried it. I think it is a great site but it has not held A's attention. We use it occasionally.


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