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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homeschooling Efforts

Okay so for those that have been curious about the work I am doing with A, here it is:

1 memory verse a week (we are doing the 10 commandments right now, on #6)

1 state a week (just started this, have done Delaware, located on a map, coloring page w/ flag,etc.)

Bumbling our way through phonics, she knows her short vowel sounds, beginning consonant sounds, we are working on ending sounds and blends right now. She REALLY wants to read but without a curriculum I am trying to work through it the best I can. I didn't learn by phonics, I learned by memorization.

Math- recognizing larger numbers, addition, subtraction

Tying shoes

Beginning time- she has done very well with this!

Beginning money- now she knows the names of each coin

Science- we just finished a 6 worksheet set on the senses, she really enjoyed those! I haven't decided exactly what to work on next. I am thinking about a few different ideas right now.

Then we do review worksheets on classification, sequencing, etc.

My best resources have been friends! (thank you ladies!!), the awesome workbooks from Sam's- they have every grade and at about $8 each you can't beat them! A did the preschool version all last year, she has almost worked her way through all the K one now, websites- you can google just about anything and find an age appropriate worksheet and/ or lesson plan, and blogs are my new favorite!!!!

The toughest things I see so far are: keeping E busy. He doesn't like to sit long and he wants attention when I am working with her. Picking a curriculum for the fall for A. She will be classified as K starting in August but she is blowing through the material we have. I am diligently searching for a curriculm advanced enough to keep her busy!!!!

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