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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Excited about some new items!

Well I ordered the phonics program that we were looking at! Once it arrives and we've had a chance to put our hands on it, I will reveal it!

Also I was able to do some shopping yesterday and today. I found some items I had been looking for so I am excited to start working with them. I got E a new coloring book. He had used about every page in his Elmo one so today he got a new one! For A I finally found the 3 pk dry erase boards that have the handwriting lines on one side and the blank side on the other. E will get to play with these as well. Of course had to get the markers to go with them too! Also found a cutting and pasting book. Now she is actuall very good with the scissors and glue, but I got this because she LOVES to do it. She is a very crafty child and I quickly run out of ideas! Also she likes to cut and glue as a reward after she completes several worksheets. It was on clearance too as were the addition and subtraction flash cards I found! Also found a large pack of stickers on clearance. Love stickers for rewards or for E to do his "craft" projects. Found some pom poms, felt, and a Time and Money practice book at the Dollar Tree as well.

Exciting stuff! I like that our homeschool "center" is quickly filling up! It's easier to keep her attention if I can swap up the activities and not do the same old ones every time. We haven't been on much of a schedule since this is PreK but I did print her a calendar from and each time we have homeschool time, she puts a sticker on the day. That way we can look back to see how well we are doing!

At the end of March, we will be going on a trip. There is a nice aquarium in the town we are visiting. I went to their website and made a list of the different types of fish and sharks we will be seeing. In the next few weeks I hope to put together some activities for them so they will be familiar with the different kinds before we go. I love turning regular things into learning time!

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