And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Way to go Wednesday!

We got lots done today! Woohoo! It was a very productive homeschool session. A has mastered the o'clock times, so today we began working on the half hour times. The flashcards on time are really a big hit! They have an analog clock on one side and a digital clock on the other. Great to teach her both ways at one time! We also worked on the 5th state Connecticut. Again all we use for our states study is a $1 United States placemat that we purchased at Wal-Mart, free coloring pages from, and when we do a review later in the week we use some USA flashcards that I picked up in the dollar bins at Target. We did another page from the Kumon Pasting book, a sequencing worksheet, and reviewed words on our dry erase board.

The other exciting thing is..... our phonics prgram arrived in the mail yesterday! I was so excited to open it. I'd like to confess that as a child I loved school! My favorite thing every fall was to buy new school supplies. Nothing like the smell of fresh paper and pencils! So I was dizzy with excitement to open a box with a DVD, a workbook, and several small readers. Time for the big reveal. Our purchase was the Hooked on Phonics- Learn to Read- Kindergarten. I got it for a GREAT price at It comes with Level 1 and Level 2. I haven't opened Level 2 yet, but Level 1 has 16 lessons in it. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes. Each one begins with a short video section on the DVD, then you do about 4 pages in the workbook (these are all reading, no writing so it is totally reusable!!!). At the end of each lesson, the child gets a sticker in the workbook (stickers are included too!). After about 3 lessons, there is a reader for them to read! A was thrilled! We did lesson 1 yesterday and lesson 2 today. We will probably space a day between from now on, but it began with -at words and today were -an words. We had already been working on those so she zoomed through them! I felt like these were spaced well to work within her level. There are of course subsequent grade levels to buy as long as the program is suiting her. I also feel like they are quick and simple so I hope that E will be able to use them in a few years too.

Now I just have to pick a math program for the fall, and we will be good to go!

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