And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, March 25, 2010

stART- My Lucky Day

A Mommy's Adventures for hosting this each week!

It's Thursday and time again for our stART project of the week! Thanks again to

Today A and I read "My Lucky Day" by Keiko Kasza. This is a cute story with a surprise ending about a fox and a piglet! We received this book, along with many others, from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. This is a free program for children in the state of TN under the age of 5. The kids receive a free book each month. If you live in TN, stop by your local library for an application. I understand there are similar projects in other states. I would google "Imagination Library" to see if your state has one!

A finds this story quite humorous! I asked her to draw a picture of her favorite meal to go along with the story. This is what she did:

I didn't catch her before she folded it up, but this is a picture of her breakfast cereal on the table, she is sitting in her chair and the sun is shining because it is a beautiful morning!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

We have actually been doing some school work these last couple of weeks, but we have had so much going on that I haven't had a lot of opportunity to post! I will say that we had AMAZING fun celebrating A and Kyle's birthdays and of course having the choir members with us. Watoto Children's Choir has forever changed my heart and my look at life. We do with sooo much that we just don't need while there are those in the world with absolutely no possessions that have a much better attitude about life! Simplify, simplify, simplify!!

Okay so to catch up on our schoolwork. A has now completed lesson 13/ 16 in Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Level 1. We are on vacation next week so we will take a few things to work on with us. I am hoping she can complete level 1 while we are away and then begin on 2 when we return. At this rate I believe she will be through level 2 by then end of May and we will purchase 1st Grade levels 1 and 2 for the fall.

She is continuing in her states study. We worked on South Carolina today. The interest has waned a bit and so we have spent some time talking about Norway (where our dear friends have gone as missionaries), India (where another friend has been working), and of course Uganda (where the choir is from and where Kyle will be going in August). Not sure if we will soon take a break from states or just keep trudging through. We have a couple of trips to other states planned in the next few months so perhaps that will refuel the interest.

A impressed me tremendously this morning! Math has not been her strong suit. She is really doing well with time and okay with money. However as I was preparing her boxes last night, I pulled out some simple addition flashcards (purchased at Wal-Mart for 75cents!) and some Jenga blocks. When she got to those I told her to try the addition by using the blocks. Well let me just tell you, she really didn't need the blocks at all! She did great!

She has also been working on sequencing, ordinal numbers, letter, and number worksheets from our compilation of Kindergarten workbooks. Still loving the Kumon pasting book sheets as well. I let her do one of these everytime we work. We have well gotten our use from the dry erase boards. We practice whole name, phone number, address, numbers, letters, words, memory verses, etc.

Speaking of memory verses, now that we are finally done with the commandments, we have begun the Lord's prayer. I have broken it down into short segments. It is awesome to see her learning God's word and holding it in her heart! I love it!

E also has his own basket now. Eventually I hope to have his own box system but for now a storage basket works. He has been doing wooden puzzles, color sorting, what belongs together matching, size sorting, coloring pages, and today he began Brainquest. We have the 3-4 yr old set. He was able to answer some of them and the rest we talked about.

In our "classroom" (kitchen) we have added a "helper word' poster to help A practice those words. Also she has a couple of Princess folders ( 75 cents on clearance) to put her finished work in. E has his storage basket of things to do today and a basket holding his extra items. Slowly but surely things are coming together and I think by official Kindergarten in the fall we will be ready to go!

At a birthday party at the train station!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watoto Children's Choir

Until about 2 weeks ago, we had never even heard of the Watoto Children's Choir. Wow were we missing out! This week the choir came to our town to sing at our church and we had the honor and privilege of hosting an adult and 3 boys in our home for a few nights.

Their company blessed us tremendously! We were able to learn so much about Uganda (which is great since Kyle will be going there in the fall)! Our kids were able to talk to and play with children from a completely different culture and background. These boys are just angels on earth. So gracious, so polite, and so loving!
Their adult companion was charming and full of life!

Hearing them sing this morning at church was just the icing on the cake. We were so sad for them to leave. Please take a moment to check out and read more about the amazing ministry they have. This is not your regular orphanage. This is a program to train these children and to give them a family. This ministry blesses not only orphans, but widows and young mothers with HIV/ AIDS.

Above that if you hear the Watoto is in your area, run to see them! It will be more than worth your time! If you have an opportunity to host them in your home, be the first in line! They will bless you tremendously as they did us.

Special prayers for our new friends Roger, Julius, Twaha, and Gerald. We miss you already!

Monday, March 15, 2010

147 Million Orphans

A & her friend EC showing their support for! Check out their website and their blogs:

Well worth a little of your blog walking time!

Check them out today for their special March Madness promo!

Homeschool Hop #6- Random Questions

Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom has posted a new blog hop for this week! It is 10 random questions to answer on your blog, then you can upload your link!

1. What time is it right now? 8:25 AM

2. What are you wearing? Jeans and a yellow long sleeve shirt and socks!

3. What is your mood? happy and a little anxious about A's doc appt (just a check up but she has had some digestive issues lately that we need to talk to doc about)

4. What is one thing your children learned today? A learned about shots and how they will help protect her from illnesses

5. What did you (or are having) for dinner? We are going to a friend's house for beef stew this evening. :)

6. What's one book you are currently reading? Bible

7. What behavior (in people) is the most common but also the rudest? Lack of responsibility. So many people now have the attitude that if they don't do something, someone else will do it for them. Well there isn't always someone else and so most times all the work falls to one or two people who are responsible folks.

8. What can you see out of your nearest window right now? Sunshine, grass, and trees

9. What are you currently praying for? For my friends the Rineys who have traveled to Norway to do ministry and for our friends the Nunezes that will soon be headed to Saipan for ministry. So sad they are all leaving but SO excited about the work God is using them for!

10. What is your favorite hot beverage? COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE (I like hot tea too!)

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

stART- Mickey's Birthday Surprise

Since A's 5th birthday is Saturday we read "Mickey's birthday Surprise" from the Mickey's Young Readers Library. What a fun little story about Mickey's birthday party and his new toy kitten! There are some wonderful questions and a true or false section at the end of the book. A did so great on these! I was pleasantly surprised at her ability to remember the story and to know the difference of the true and false statements!

She made a fun construction paper birthday for herself! Pretty good since this week has been chaotic and I haven't had many things prepared for homeschooling!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homeschool Hop #5

What's your style?

Hmmm I am so new to homeschooling that I am not sure I have a style yet. After reading a few other blogs I would say that for now we are led by the kids and the direction they want to go. However I do like flashcards and worksheets so we add those in as necessary for A. Also I have raved and raved about our Hooked on Phonics and it is a must. Granted she is LOVING it so she doesn't see it as a chore. Every week I feel like I know a little more and I am little more prepared. I am going to start a Workbox system soon.

We are just doing what works for us right now and learning lots about God and His word in the process and that's all we need! :)

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Great Giveaway!

Head on over to Brimful Curiosities to enter to win a fantastic giveaway from Good Nites! I entered!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lots of Lessons

E was feeling better today, so off to playschool he went. I actually had more time last night than usual to plan A's activities so it was smooth sailing this morning! She had 2 time worksheets and 1 money worksheet that I found on She also played a new domino counting game that I had come across. This was an easy way to practice addition so we will be trying it again soon.

We had reviews on the 9th commandment and Massachusetts. Big milestone today on our journey through Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten edition- she is halfway through level 1! (already!) She is loving it! She also had one cutting and pasting page from her Kumon book today. It worked out so great- her HonP book for today was "Pig" and her cutting activity was a pig face! Love it when things correspond!

Then we did her stART project for today and we were done. Afterwards little brother still had a while left at "school" so we went out and took some pictures of A since her 5th birthday is next week! I took lots and lots but here is one!

stART- "Ten Apples Up On Top"

We continued with Dr. Seuss today and read "Ten Apples Up On Top." Not only a great Seuss story but also wonderful for talking about our number words!

We cut out a picture of A and then she drew 10 apples up on top! A quick and easy project but a fun one! This was a variation of a project Michelle did over at A Mommy's Adventures

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

It has been a fun morning! E is sickly so he was not able to attend playschool this morning. Since the fever began last night, I was able to have a few activities ready for him this morning.

We tried our first file folder game! This was mostly for E but A participated as well. We gathered resources from,, and to make a Noah's Ark folder complete with a matching animals game, a mini book, and a rainbow coloring page! This was fun for both kids to hear the story and color. E really enjoyed the game once he understood the point.

A spent time reviewing her HonP lesson from yesterday and rereading the first 2 books. We are still really pleased with this product! The material is clear and concise and the set up really allows for as much practice as you want to incorporate!

She also spent some time this morning tracing her color words and reviewing them as we worked on the rainbow for our Noah's Ark file folder. We reviewed o'clock and thirty times with our flashcards too. We talked about the first 8 commandments again and began working on the ninth one "You shall not bear false witness." We also reviewed the first 5 states and began on number 6 Massachusetts. Her favorite worksheet of this morning was one I found at where she was able to write in her birthday and that she will be turning 5! She is so thrilled that it is finally March!

Because today was the birthdate of Dr. Seuss, we read "The Lorax" and did a special art project.

Truffula Trees!!!!

The kids both enjoyed these! We will probably be doing more Seuss related activities through the week as we have many of his books!

E also took some time to play with the Jenga blocks and to do some color sorting. He is getting the hang of this a little more each time.

All in all it was a wornderful morning. Now everyone is quietly enjoying lunch and a movie (a special treat for sick days.)

Yesterday was PE and socialization when we enjoyed an open gym time with friends and then lunch at the playplace! :) We will all be thrilled when the weather is warm enough to do a couple of days a week of PE in the park!

The Homeschool Hop #4

There is no theme this week. Spend some time hopping around to other homeschool blogs!

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