And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Saturday, April 17, 2010

God has blessed me with the greatest friends!

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately. I feel like my last few posts all say the same thing- we've been busy! But it's true! Things have just been hectic and wild around here the last several weeks. Even on days when I think things will be a little slower and calmer, a million things crop up that need to be done! Even as I am typing now, I am exhausted! We just cam home from a QUICK trip to Mississippi a couple of hours ago.

Anyway back to the title of my post.... in the midst of all this craziness were a couple of serene times. On Wednesday I had the privilege of a monthly bestie lunch! These are the best! For the last several months three of my friends and I have a lunch once a month. The three of them work outside the home so once a month I drop the kids with Nonna and I meet them in town for a meal. We have ate at a different place every month. We pretty much always fight over who will chose the place (none of us want to) but no matter where we go we have a great time! It is always just a fun hour to laugh and share and catch up. This time was in honor of Jamie's birthday and we had barbeque and she told us her funny story about getting pulled over for buying Sudafed! These are great friends who always make me laugh and always have my back and I care about them very much!

My second oasis was Friday. What an amazing morning!!!!! God has just led me to this wonderful place. I can't even put into words how wonderful my church family is. The building is nice but it isn't about the building, it isn't even about Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights (although they are great too!). It is about the people that He has placed there. I have never experienced anything like it! We have been there about 2 and a half years and it never seems old or stale. It is always new and welcoming. Okay I feel like I am rambling a bit here and not making much sense so let me try again!

I have these women, these awesome women that I call my friends. Not just my friends but my sisters! They are so different that it is a marvel that we all fit together. Each one God has blessed with these gifts, these fruits of the Spirit that they use and bestow upon other people. Friday we had a breakfast to say goodbye to one of our dearest friends. She and her family are going on mission. God has called them away from us and they are heeding His call. We are so sad to lose them, heartbroken really, but at the same time so excited for those that will be blessed through them. This sweet lady has a gift, we all said it, she has the gift of friendship. I know it sounds crazy I mean pretty much everyone can be a friend right? Wrong, not like Beffie does it. From the instant you meet her, she is your friend, she loves you and cares about you from that first moment. Not just her but Christ through her. She carries this peace and comfort and calm with her that is the Spirit of God. I cannot imagine these last 2 years without her.

Last month another of these sweet ladies left us. Her family also was called to missions. And they went. Not only did they go but they got the call, sold all of their things, and went in just 3 weeks time! Can I tell you that the FAITH of these women is so inspiring! Kristine has this quiet spirit about her. She is an amazing listener, a powerful prayer warrior, and if you look up patience her picture should be there next to it! So rarely is she frustrated that it is comical when she finally does get that way, because it is so out of character!

And they aren't all leaving! Many of them are still here, serving God in their homes, as wives and mothers each and every day. Kimbo opens her home to us and everyone else at the drop of a hat! She has a wonderful sense of humor and this tremendous spirit of hospitality. Melly is our practical friend who wants to help us whenever needed. She is always ready to find a solution and jump in and help. Mol is the mother we all want to be. Her children are gracious and well behaved and dote on their parents. Her family has adopted a new son and he is outstanding! Watching that journey has been a blessing to each of us! Manda is our comic relief! God has blessed her with the ability to make us all laugh! :) What a joy to have laughter at every one of our gatherings!

As two mommys from our group have left, two new ones have joined us! Our first mommy of multiples has arrived and taken our group by storm! Rather than wait for us to all invite them over, she has been inviting us into her home! She has a gift for photography and we are all reaping the rewards! Thanks Neise! And a mommy who we've all known and loved for awhile, she got to come to the the breakfast for the first time on Friday. Just 10 days after having a micropremie. Just 10 days after delivering a darling girl at 1 lb, 5 oz, she joined us for our fellowship. She needed it and we needed her to be there. Just amazing to see her slide right in as though she'd been there all along. And the baby you ask? GOD'S HAND is steady and sure. She is a miracle! She is doing so much better than we ever could have dreamed. She is going to be just fine, in fact she is going to be AMAZING!

This simple breakfast with about 17 kids running around, 2 sitters, and this insane group of 10 moms was an oasis for me. This time of food, fellowship, and prayer was just what I needed. Laughter with this support group that God handpicked for me..... this is what I needed. Thank you precious Lord for loving me through these friends that you have graciously sent to me. They are beyond words!

I hope you have this. I hope God has blessed you with women like these to come alongside you and mentor you, support you, pray for you, and love you no matter what. This community is what I pray God gives you.

As Manda said, Our best friends aren't those in front of us, but those behind us supporting us and praying for us!

Beffie and Kristine, I definately won't be in front of you, but Sisters I am behind you!


  1. I also am blessed with sisters like this at my church! :) I'm happy to hear you all hace a Wed service too!

  2. And then we have Edie - the one who will do WHATEVER needs to be done. Sure, I'll keep 14 children at the same time. Sure, I'll run the church nursery. Sure, I'll plan...(fill in the blank). If it needs doing, she's the one to get it done! Love you, Edie!

  3. I know how you feel, I have a great set of friends to pray,laugh and talk with.


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