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Friday, April 2, 2010

Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains of TN

On the ride.......
We love some Jack in the box. Too bad we have to drive 2 hours to get to one!
I was disappointed that the Titanic Museum wasn't open yet. Opens later this month and boasts a 90 minute historic walk through complete with actual artifacts.
Definately the highlight of our trip, we were able to see the Watoto Choir perform again! The boys we had hosted last week were SO EXCITED to see us. They did a great job and our kids couldn't get enough of their hugs!
Twaha was suppose to be part of this drama but he couldn't stop peeking up and smiling at us! :)

The kids snoozin' in their great hotel bed.

Woohoo for the indoor pool! Spent a lot of time here during the week. Speedy is swimming like a fish with his floaties, and Apple has got swimming under water down pat!!

More pictures will soon follow! Hubby had a great time at all the training he had this week. The kids and I enjoyed some relaxing time. Our highlights (besides the choir- check out were the Aquarium and Wonderworks. We ate lots of food and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains.

Our heart attack moment of the week was when Speedy accidentally jumped on an elevator alone, and the doors closed.  We couldn't get him out! After several scary minutes, he came down in the other elevator with some of Hubby's very kind coworkers. He was crying, snotty, and terrified but he eventually calmed down, and so did we!

It was a wonderful vacation but we are all happy to be home after 6 days away!


  1. That looks like fun!!! I want to go! :)

  2. Thank you for the follow!!! It looks like you all had a blast! Oh my I would have been more scared than my son. I think he would have had a blast in the elevator since he has never been in one!
    I'm following you now!


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