And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, May 28, 2010


Search & Win

If you've seen my swidget and wondered what it's all about: swagbucks is a search engine you can use to win prizes! You collect swagbucks by searching, daily polls, special offers, codes, etc. As your swagbucks add up, you can redeem them for prizes like gift cards, tshirts, and exclusive merchandise! You can click the link above to give it a try! You are under no obligation if you sign up and decided it's not for you. It's completely free! You can search from or download their free toolbar. You automatically get 1 swagbuck a day for the toolbar, 1 swagbuck a day for doing the daily poll, and 1 swagbuck a day for doing the no obligation special offer. If you "like" the swagbucks page on FB and follow TSG (the Swagbucks Guy) on Twitter you will find lots of other swaggernauts that will help you along the way! TSG also puts out random codes on the toolbar, twitter page, and blog that earn you credit!

Fridays are MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY and I won 49 this morning for  a search!! In just about 3 weeks since I started I have earned 3 Amazon gift cards and I am well on my way to another one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why? Oh why?

How is it that a 5 minute conversation on the phone with a good friend leads to 30 minutes of clean up time? Why in that 5 minutes do my children feel some primal need to seek & destroy? After 5 years of being a mommy shouldn't I be accustomed to this chaos???

I had set aside some styrofoam rectangles that came out of a packed box. I thought they would make a great house if we used some toothpicks. My lovely children have ignored these for weeks. They were in a stack in our homeschool area. Somehow they discovered our new kitty, Hippy, could scratch this to make "snow". Hence snow all in my daughter's hair and all over the hall, living room, and their bedroom. My son for the millioneth time decided he should play in water and got a bowlful and promptly spilled it all over his bedroom floor and all the dirty clothes that were lying there. My daughter evidently got bored with the snow and pulled out everything in her bathroom drawer, hairbows, jewelry, etc.

Perhaps I was on the phone a little bit longer than 5 minutes but good grief! I threatened to enact a new rule where everytime I am on the phone they have to go sit in the hall with their hands in their lap. Somehow I don't see myself remembering to enforce this rule!

Somedays you just have to laugh & keep going! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love activities that are free!

Ok so a week or two ago I saw a post on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember who's!) that had come up with a little game about following directions for their preschooler. I had all intentions of printing it out so I could play it with E but I forgot to do it and then couldn't remember where I saw it. Ooops! So I came up with our own version this morning. No printing required! I took an old Oatmeal container (the tall cylinder kind) and pulled out our colored Jenga blocks (red, yellow, & blue). E still doesn't know many colors. Honestly he just doesn't seem to care about colors at all. So anyways while A was working on some worksheets, I gave him instructions. Drop 2 yellow blocks in, drop 1 blue block in, drop 3 red blocks in. He really enjoyed it, it was free, super easy, and it was reinforcement for following directions, colors, and counting! Success!!

A is zooming through Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Level 2. She is really excelling at it! Lots of little books she can read now. She knows most 3 letter words, lots of "helper" words, and most of her color words. A friend of mine (hey Kim!) recommended a fun road trip game before our vacation. She said to write out addition problems, then let A work them using little stickers. I thought that sounded great and would keep her busy on the long ride. Well lol I should have known. In the middle of the second problem, A said "This takes too long, I will just use my fingers." She was done in a matter of minutes. Well you win some, you lose some.

We are gearing up for summer:basketball camp, VBS, family parties, camping (this isn't working out so well for us yet but we still have hope!). I also hope for at least one visit to the zoo and to a children's museum. I am also hoping to take the kids to St. Louis and maybe one other small trip while Kyle is in Uganda.

He had a meeting with the team yesterday! They are all getting so excited! There is still a lot of money left to raise and they will all need pocket money when they travel! Don't forget if you'd like to donate you can click on our paypal link, go through, buy some coffee at our Just Love Coffee link, or buy a diaper wreath if you are local!!!!!

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”- James 3:17-18

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Blog!!!!


Okay so Gulf Shores was as beautiful as ever! No oil, no tarballs, no problems! Plenty of fresh seafood and Kyle and my dad were able to go on a fishing charter. It was terrific! We took A there when she was about 18 months old but of course she had no memory of it and E had never been. They both LOVED it! Loved the ocean, loved the beach, loved the pool, loved the bunk beds in the condo, and loved the shrimp, fish, and oysters! They both had oysters for the first time and throughly enjoyed them. Lulu's is the best and who can pass up Lambert's in Foley? Gotta have them throwed rolls! Also ate at the Shrimp Basket and at a Mellow Mushroom. All in all it was a wonderful trip and a special shoutout to Debbie Middleton. We rented her condo through and we were very impressed. We had stayed at this complex before but we had never used before. I don't know about any of the other owners but Debbie bent over backwards to accomodate us. She went way about and beyond to provide us with an excellent vacation! Lots of folks are scared and cancelling vacations. No oil yet so if you are looking for a wonderful place, call Debbie and run on down there! Soak up the sunshine! It did rain on us one day but we had fun anyway.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Homeschool Hop- A Few of My Favorite Things

So glad Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom has the Homeschool hop back up and running! Also glad that this theme went along with some things I was already thinking of mentioning on the blog!

A few of my favorite things:


Daisies (which I received some for mom's day!)

Nashville (I grew up near Nashville and all the devastation is breaking my heart. Please google it and think about making a donation. nashville flood tees is a great place to start!)

PF Changs

Reading (my favorites are the Bible and the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I want to read Radical by David Platt soon!)


The Biggest Loser (great inspiration I have lost 28 lbs!)

Participation Rules

STOP: Please DO NOT add your link below unless you have a post published about the blog hop and the current theme, and the McLinky code showing in that post.

Please ensure you have linked directly to your blog hop post and that the title includes the words 'blog hop' somewhere. All links added are checked via McLinky and those without these details are removed immediately.

We are all enjoying this immensely, please play fairly as the majority of blog hoppers do! Thanks for participating, have fun!

Friday, May 7, 2010

whoop whoop

So I found some great deals at the Dollar Tree yesterday! Cute packs of 4 clocks that can be used to teach time, borders, posters, stickers, workbooks! A great day for sure! Then today we took a quick trip to the local office supply store with Nonna and I found some great shape cut outs for 73 cents and a word workbook for $2!!!! Great additions to our homeschool supplies!

Also during all the storms this past weekend, we moved a trunk and a large bookcase out of our back hall. This is a rectangular room/ hall that hasn't gotten much use in the time we have lived here. We decided we liked the trunk and the bookcase where we put them so we are going to leave them there. This morning I decided that space would make a great homeschool classroom! Currently all of our artwork, supply drawers, posters, etc have been occupying the kitchen. It has worked well and my dishes have stayed washed because I could do them while the kids were working. However this nifty hall space is also connected to the kitchen and laundry room and it will be a more compact area. This way any company we have over for dinner doesn't have to stare at the ABCs while they eat.

Once I have things in place more I will post some pictures. BTW yes I realize it is almost summer but since both of my kiddos are technically still preschoolers, their learning will continue over the next couple of months.  A will work her Hooked on Phonics up to the next level (we will save it for August) and E needs a little extra help. He hasn't mastered colors or numbers yet. He is very good with shapes and is improving on puzzles. In the fall he will go back to his playschool but will be promoted to the 3/4 yr old class. I don't want him to be behind on colors or numbers so I will give him a little more attention. I bought a great color workbook and learning letters workbook at the Dollar Tree so I am excited to pull them out. Also found some really cute posters geared mostly to him, a 1-20 poster and an ABCs poster. A is still really enjoying the states (although for a few weeks she didn't) so I found a nice full size map of the USA as a poster too.

The clocks will be great for review. She really had down the :00, :15, and :30 times then all of a sudden she didn't. Never know if she is just bored with the material or if she really has forgotten!

2 other things  a little off subject:

* took the kids to see How to Train your Dragon yesterday. I would really recommend this movie! It is not at all what I expected. It was humorous, suspenseful, and fun! They have talked about it all day today!

* Walgreens has a special online. Go to their online photo ordering and place an order for a 8 *10 photo collage. Use the code GOODTHOUGHTS. It is completely free!!!! You can even do a one hour in store pick up. I just got mine and it was 100% free out the door!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have never seen the likes of this!

Well here in our neck of the woods, it has been stormy and WET! Our town has been ravaged by storms and over a foot of rain the last two days. Our local tornado sirens were sounded 3 times, but PRAISE THE LORD there were no touch downs!

One sink hole *there were at least 7 in our county

High water levels

So yesterday was a total wash out. We were blessed to have no fatalities in our area although there were evacuations and rescues. We were also personally blessed that we had no damage to our property or any of our families properties. We ask you to pray for other residents though that had homes and business damaged. Lots of automobiles damaged as well. Also this is a RARE occurence in our area so virtually no one here has flood insurance.

On a brighter note, we let the kids have some sensory fun in the mud and water today!

My kids are very clean by nature (read OCD) so this was not an enticing idea in the beginning. We actually had to talk them into it and then Hubby had to go out and show them that it could be fun! By the end they were squealing with delight! Glad to enjoy some purely fun moments!