And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missing my Daddy.....

This is a picture of my daddy, my friend Julie, and I from way back when....... My dad passed away last year on June 29. Since Sunday will be my first Father's Day without him, my heart has been aching. Loss and grief are such mysteries. No matter the circumstances, there will always be a raw spot where a loved one has been lost......

As I also approach 30 (it's right around the corner now- I think I hear Jaws music), I have been dwelling deep in thought. I wonder just what I thought 30 would look like. Honestly I don't know if I just don't remember what I thought it would be or if I just didn't spend much time thinking about it. I am sure that I never thought I would have lost a parent at this age. I did always dream of being a stay at home mom, but honestly I never thought it would happen. God has so generously blessed me in that aspect of my life! In the past decade, I have lost loved ones but gained an amazing husband and 2 beautiful children! I have parted ways with some friends, drawn others closer to my heart, and made new ones that bless me everyday! I like to think that I have cleaned a lot of the "fluff" out of my life in order to follow God's direction more whole heartedly. I have gained maturity and wisdom, but I have also learned to let go and have fun when there is fun to be had!

I don't really know much (think Forrest Gump philosophy). I once had a friend tell me that she enjoyed her 30s way more than her 20s because she didn't know who she was in her 20s but she was secure with herself in her 20s. That is my prayer for myself in this next decade, that I stay true to who God would have me to be.

My hubby and I also will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary next week. Just thought you'd like to know! :)

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