And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 Biggest Blessings in my first 30 years......

1. My relationship with Christ, He above all things is THE blessing of a lifetime

2. My wonderful hubby who takes great care of me & my family and who also always looks to Christ first

3. A, my first child wonderfully curious and totally unlike any other 5 yr old I have ever met

4. E, my second child totally different from his sister and totally enamoring to all around him

5. My mom, my friend for life, our relationship has evolved so much pver my life

6. The Bible, my guidebook to life as God wants us to lead it

7. Brandy, my BFF! Girls need a friend that is always there for them that you can talk about ANYTHING with

8. Julie, my childhood friend, we live totally different lives now, hours apart but no one knows you like the folks that grew up with you

9. The beach, my favorite place to get away, bummed that my all time favorite beach is horribly affected by oil but know that there are many other beauiful beaches to go to

10. My education, I didn't make everything out of it that I could have and I didn't finish as much as I should have, but I have enough to teach my children and that is a blessing

11. My sunday school community, 'nough said

12. My church family, never before had we experienced such love and friendship

13. Swimming pools, my favorite way to relax, just wish I had my own!

14. Books, I love to read!

15. Coffee, otherwise I might not have stayed awake for all these other things!

16. My children's friends, love, love, love to see my kids play and to hear them laugh

17. Snow, nothing is as beautiful as freshly fallen snow

18. Babies, their innocence, the way they smell, their capacity to fully love

19. Being an American

20. Music, can take you to a place that nothing else can, my latest favorite is "More like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray

21. my dishwasher

22. Riverdale, my high school, crazy times but always remembered with fondness

23. Friends, some for long periods of time, some short, but true friends that love and support are HUGE blessings in this life

24. My great grandparents, they are both gone now but they were my first real examples of Christians

25. Trials I have had in life, they have shaped my and brought me closer to the Savior

26. My Dad, for good or bad, watching him suffer was tragic, knowing God gave him time to turn his life over, PRICELESS

27. Spoons, my extended family has the most laughs over a few games of Spoons (or somthing else)

28. Cake, we all need a little cake sometimes

29. My family, some good, some bad, mostly crazy but God choose me for them and them for me and through it all they are my family

30. The opportunity to begin a whole new decade in my life..... looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me!

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  1. I LOVE this post! It is great. What a way to turn around the dreaded day into something positive :)

    We have to get together sometime soon. We head out of town again this weekend to MO, but will be back Monday sometime. So we need to get together!!! <3


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