And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, August 20, 2010

Speedy the ring bearer

Apple and Speedy were recently a flower girl and ring bearer. We traveled to Pigeon Forge with Nonna and Papaw for the special event!

Now Apple has participated in several weddings as a flower girl over the years. This was Speedy's first wedding as a participant however. True to his nickname, at the rehearsal he chose to run as fast as he could down the aisle. Over and over we tried to cajole him into calmly walking down the aisle. He never would. Against my warnings, the bride insisted that he carry the pillow with the actual rings attached. I had serious concerns. He is a pilferer by nature. He loves to put things in his pockets. Also he runs, away, quickly, quite often. Added to that, Speedy normally doesn't react well to strangers and crowds. He becomes a leg warmer. Hmmmm..... this was going to be interesting.
Well first of all he LOVED his "suit". He was strutting all around in it. When the time came to go down the aisle, he actually walked at a normal speed! Hallelujah! When he got to the stage, he marched right up and stood in the middle! No one could convince him to move over to the side! He is in every single picture because he stood directly behind the bride and groom for the whole ceremony! He also refused to turn  around and face them. He faced the crowd the entire time. And he had the whole crowd cracking up! He was holding the pillow pretty much by one corner the whole time. I cannot believe the rings stayed tied on! he just stood there with his big lips all pouched out. A few times he put one hand on his hip and looked disdainful. After they took the rings, we tried our best to call him down to sit with us. He ignored us!

On the other side, Apple did awesome! She stood so still and was so mature! There were two other flower girls and they did great as well but they did chose to break out in song one time! So cute!

After it was all over, all Speedy had to say was "That music was too loud. It hurt my ears."

My kids are hilarious! :) Thank you Lord for such amazing babies!

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