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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wee-lax Wednesday

So mid week is upon us! We had great days on Monday and Tuesday! Really felt like both homeschool times were fruitful! After Daddy got home both evenings, A took time to review something with him that she had learned that morning! So since we accomplished so much the first 2 days, I though Wednesday would be a good day for review and easy lessons.

We had a flashcard party! Or at least that's what it felt like! A had flashcards to review the states she has learned. We looked at Landmark flashcards ($1 Target) for Statue of Liberty, since she studied New York on Monday, and  the Gateway Arch of St Louis, because we will be visiting there again soon. Then she learned a couple of new things. She spent some time finding Uganda on her new world map placemat ($1 at WM) and looking at the flag of Uganda on her Flags of the World flashcards ($1 Target). Then we began our study of the Presidents. We started with the current President, since she was familiar with him alread, and read some facts about him on the President Flashcards ($1 Target). E looked at his new number and letter flashcards (made free from some internet printables and workbook pages). He focused on the letter Ee and the number 1 today.

They also did some dry erase board coloring! E practiced trying to write Ee and 1, he made a face, and then they both drew houses!

A did some clock times on her clock manipulative and practiced counting with some counting triangles we purchased for $1 at Target. These were short a few (47 instead of 50) but I think we will survive! A friend picked up another pack for us so we will be good!

A started yesterday learning to do a Loop Loom, you know where you make potholders out of loops. It is slow going, she loses interest quickly, but everyone can go ahead and anticipate one of those for Christmas! :)

Have you started your school year yet? Anything really fun you have done yet?

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  1. No, but hearing about yours makes me jealous :) I can't wait to start planning lessons for MM!


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