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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What kind of Homeschool Co-op does your town have?

I find myself wishing our city offered more. There is really only one well known homeschool program in my town. It is a Faith Tutorial. I hear great things about it and have lots of friends that use it. There are a couple of things that hold us back though. It is on the other side of our city (driving there and back wouldn't give me much time to do anything else), it is costly (esp for 2 kids). and you have to use the curriculum they recommend (great but not what we have chosen and again costly).

I really really wish we had a 2 day a week program that ran about 2 hrs, didn't cost more than $75 a child, and didn't require a particular curriculum. My thought would be that for an hour and a half kids could work on a particular subject- art, science, math, etc- in a fun classroom setting and then for an hour and a half they could do some physical activitity. Seems as though all that would be needed would be some teachers (really parents could swap out to help in an area they are proficient in) and a nice building with a few classrooms and a gym.

Do other cities offer this? Is this really a co-op? Do you use any type of outside program in your homeschooling??


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  1. Are you aware of any other homeschool programs in Jackson? I know others exist, and if you want, I could try and get information about them. I'm with you on Faith Tutorial. It's an excellent program for some families, but it doesn't give much room for flexibility.


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