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Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you tried Do you need Christmas cards?

I have been using for the last few years! They have terrific products! This year I am going to be trying their Christmas cards for the first time! In the past I have used their folded stationary cards for thank you cards and their flat photo cards for birthday invitations. The cards are always crisp and bright, with options for lots of photos! I am so impressed with all the cards that say "Merry Christmas." I fet so frustrated trying to find cards in stores because so many have the generic "Happy Holidays." Plus from Shutterfly you can include pictures and go ahead and personalize them! How happy does that make me that all I will need to do is place them in an envelope and address them! Score 1 for saving time! Plus all those faraway family and friends will have great updated pics of my gorgeous kiddos!

So go check out their 2010 Christmas card collection! There are so many nice cards that I haven't chosen yet but I am leaning towards Nativity Night Scarlet, Three Kinds Journey, or Goody Garland. I love the message of the season in the first two but I also like the fun aspect of the last one! When I decide which pictures I want to include then I will really know which one is the best! I love the traditional look of the folded cards but they also have 2 types of flat cards if those are more your style! One of the best aspects of Shutterfly is the ability to try different styles, photos, and type and to see the outcome before ordering them! You are sure to find one that is perfect for you. Be sure to review them carefully before you order, look for well positioned photos and typos!

If you are looking for great Christmas gifts, shutterfly has you covered there as well!!!! Wall Calendars and Photo Books make grandparents *SMILE*! You can even buy personalized Christmas Gift Tags!

Shutterfly always has great deals available! Free shipping on orders over $30 with the code SHIP30. Other bloggers see if you are eligible for 50 FREE CARDS!!


  1. I was wondering if this would *really* work, but tonight I got my code! I'm so excited :)

  2. Ah, so now I see the REAL motivation for the blog posts! Y'all are crackin me up :D But I gotta say, I'm a shutterfly fan, and I haven't even ordered a product yet :)


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