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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I was talking with a friend the other day. She is new to staying at home and was having a hard time finding motivation everyday. Who has not been through this? When I first began staying at home, all I wanted to do was sleep! I felt like I was on an extended vacation! However pretty quickly sleeping got old. My daughter was an infant at the time and so she slept most of the hours of the day away. My husband worked a lot of hours back then and I didn't know any other stay at home moms at the time. I was lonely and unmotivated! So I gave my friend the advice I had for her. These are the steps I used to keep myself going and on top of things!

1. Get up every morning and take a shower and get dressed as though you are leaving the house. I also always got my child dressed and still do. Even if we have no where to go, something about showering and getting dressed makes you feel as though you are ready to begin your day. And if you are already ready, if something fun comes up, you are set to go!

2. Start a schedule. Try to get up about the same time everyday, have your meals at about the same time, depending on your child's age, plan some routine things for them to do everyday ex. bathtime, playtime, reading time, snacktime, etc.

3. In the same vein, I made a task list for everyday of the week. Now this is going to seem overly simple, your spouse may chuckle at you (mine sure did!). My list looked something like this:

Wednesday-dust & vacuum
Thursday-Sweep & Mop
Friday-shopping day

Everyday- check and sort mail, 1-2 loads of laundry, pick up, feed pets
Biweekly- linens, bills, fridge

Yours may vary and mine is a little different now that the kids have some of the chores, but this gives you an idea.

4. Find other stay at home moms or homeschooling families!!!! This is really important but can be the hardest. I tried a homeschool group in my area early on but it was not for me! Their ideas were radically different from mine. However that doesn't mean just give up! We eventually found an amazing church family with lots of other sahm. I also reconnected with old classmates on FB and some of them stay at home. If you can't find support that way, I recommend going to a local storytime at your library or find other day time children's events in your area! You are sure to find other local moms at these events and many of them are free. If your child is too young for a storytime, just go to the library about the time the storytime begins or ends, there are sure to be other families in and out of the library.

5. Basically you if you need motivation, you need to treat staying at home like a job. It is a job the best but the hardest in the world!

My friend seems to be doing well this week by following a couple of these tips, I hope they help you too!


  1. These are great tips! I struggle sometimes too. It's funny, but #1 really seems to help me the most. If I'm showered and dressed I feel as if I should DO something. Instant motivation! :)

  2. What a great way to list things out! I remember being SO glad when I realized I wasn't the only one who had these struggles.


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