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Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Time for Learning

Apple & Speedy recently had the privilege of trying Time4learning is a website with tons of *FUN* educational activities for PreK through 8th grade levels. We had one month to try it out. We weren't able to incorporate it nearly as often as the kids wanted to, but we did spend several sessions online.

So Speedy enjoyed playing with the computer like a big kid. He has not been allowed to touch the computer much in his life. He is so rowdy and rambuctious and he does not enjoy sitting most of the time. However time4learning intrigued him. He sat and tried a few of the games. While he was able to understand the games and get the correct answers, he needed lots of help on the technical ways of the computer. I think in another 6 mos or a year he would really get enjoyment out of the website.

Apple LOVED this site. She was able to navigate through the site easily. The material was right on level for her. When you register for the site, you put in a grade level for your child. The site says they put in material for the grade level you select and one above and one below that level. The reading program had choices for her to listen to the story or read it herself. She always chose to read it herself and loved the stories. She AMAZED me yet again with her story comprehension. Each story had questions and quizzes at the end to try. She also learned all about ordinal numbers in the math section and landforms in the science section. The landforms thrilled her because each correct answer gave her a puzzle piece and when she answered them all right, it unveiled a picture.

I asked her to share her favorite thing about This is what she had to say "The playground! I could go around and pick whichever game I wanted to play."

Now as a parent I love that you can set time limits, the vast variety of subjects and lessons, and the parent page where you can track your child's progress. I liked that I could always see what she was working on. I loved that she found the games and lessons fun and that she was really learning while she played.

We are sad to see our month over. The price just doesn't fit into our curriculum budget for this school year but perhaps for the summer months or next fall we will be able to work it in. I would recommend this site for other homeschooling families or for children who need a little extra help after school.
If there were things we were disappointed with it would only be that the price is per child and not per family.

Disclaimer: The author’s opinion is entirely her own, the content was not written by Time4Learning, but the writer was compensated.

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