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Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear Reebok, Victoria's Secret, Godaddy, and others,

I do not appreciate your commercials. I find them offensive. I find it very hard to allow my children in a room with a television on at all because of your commercials. Have your ad execs heard of modesty? Can you please tell me how mostly naked women are highlighting your Easytone shoes or websites? Victoria your secret should stay secret!! My 3 yr old and 5 yr old don't need to know those secrets! About 2 yrs ago we cut our cable back to only the first 22 channels due to shows and advertising. It is ridiculous, all times of the day and night, the filth that is on television. Really? The Reebok Easytone ad has got to be the worst offender right now. The whole commercial is shots of ladies rear ends in little more than underwear passing as shorts. You see more booty footage that shoe footage. I went to and tried to lodge a complaint but 3 different times I filled out a contact form and 3 different times I was told to try again later. Guess they didn't want to hear my complaint.

I think that in our society today many people cry offense just to be heard crying. I rarely use the word at all because I do not want to be lumped into the group of cryers BUT it is offensive to me and to my family. We are raising our children to respect themselves and each other and that private parts are PRIVATE. We are teaching them morals and modesty. We have discussed totally cutting off the cable. It is that extreme. I don't think we should have to do that. I believe the MAJORITY of Americans would prefer commercials to be relevant to the product and not to be muddied with nakedness. I believe that the products would sell even if everyone in the commercial had all their clothes on.

While I'm on my soap box, I LOVE the NFL. Love it! (DA Bears) But seriously Football commissioners, your cheerleaders NEED more clothes!!! People would still watch your games. I'd even get more serious about taking my kids to a game. They aren't allowed to watch much football because the cheerleaders are naked, again the modesty issue. When did it seem necessary for them to wear little more than bikinis? My daughter loves cheerleaders. She is participating in upward Cheerleading this year but we cannot encourge her much in this area because they don't wear enough clothes! It starts young and gets worse and worse.

Okay that is my rant and I am through now.

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  1. I agree about a lot of the commercials. We don't let our kids watch anything other than Nick Jr., PBS, and Disney. We DVR our shows and watch them after the kids are asleep--that way we don't have to see the commercials either! :)


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