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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Semester Wrap Up

Whew so we are on our last week before the Christmas holiday! Woohoo! We have survived our first "real" semester of school! What a journey it has been! Fun and exciting, exhausting and mind warping, loud and rowdy! All of those things......

I have really enjoyed it though. There have been very frustrating difficult days but really the majority of them have sailed by. Apple has learned so much and I am very proud of her! She is reading with a vengence! She has completed both levels of Hooked on Phonics grade 1. When we begin again in January we are going to focus on reading several reader books to make sure that she is ready and then we will begin HOP grade 2. She is working her way through all of her math workbooks and we will continue those. She is well into her 1st grade Science book that we found last month. We have been studying the continents and she will be finished with those soon. She and I recently went to a singing Christmas tree play and performance and she LOVED it! She is so inclined to the arts. I am hoping to get a piano program soon.

Speedy is freezing as he does not like cold temps and it has been very chilly here! He will be performing in his playschool's Christmas program tomorrow. He is recognizing his name and beginning to learn his letters. We will continue working on letters and numbers at the beginning of the year. He enjoys playing and he is very excited about Christmas.

I am excited about the new year and the continuation of our homeschool journey!

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  1. Edie, I absoulutely love hearing your updates. Your children are doing beautifully, and you a Great teacher!


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