And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching up.....

Well we have had to postpone our camping trip 2 times due to severe weather. The kids have really been looking forward to it! I hated having to disappoint them and tell them it was postponed again. We have pushed it out several weeks, so maybe we will have better weather then!

Playschool is winding up for E. Only 2 weeks left and then it's officially summer time! We are going to be spending a lot more time working on his colors. He pretty much has 3 of them down but honestly he just doesn't care. I think I spent much more time and was more deliberate teaching A her colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. I am going to spend the next couple of months focusing on some teaching time with him so that he isn't behind when he joins the 3 and 4 yr old class in the fall.

A is currently interested in all things pretty. Still very ingrained in the dress ever day all day long and jewelry (lots of it)! She also is enamored with all the flowers (read weeds growing in our yard). This isn't really new. It has just returned with spring. She had her own special flower bed around a light in our yard last year. One of the flowers came back and this afternoon I bought her a few more to plant. Of course we will have to wait until the monsoon is over to plant them! I hope our veggie garden survives all the rain.

I also purchased a new hummingbird fever this afternoon. We have had one in the yard every year but last year. Our old one had broken and I didn't replace it. I'm excited to make some nectar and get it out in the yard! I know the kiddos will love seeing the little birdies zip around!

We did a few Earth Day activities last week and this. It was great to find so many free resources on the web to use with the kids! Speaking of deals, I found some great ones at Dollar Tree today. They have lots of VBS supplies out right now, so I was able to get some great stickers, cutouts, and corkboard decorations!

I also got a couple of great charts. We tried a chore chart with A once before without much success. I am determined to start anew. I think showing responsibility to our children is important. It is a building block for their future!

Sorry nothing too exciting to report! Enjoy your weekend!

The St Louis Arch (we were there last month!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunshine Award!!!!

I have received my first blog award from Glenda at Me and Mine in a Small Town! What a great way to start the morning! Thank you! :)

The Sunshine Award is passed on to blogger's that inspire others and show positivity and creativity.

Here are the suggestions for the Award:

1) Put the logo within your blog or on your post

2) Pass the award onto 10 fellow bloggers

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These are the blogs that I enjoy reading the most! They have great suggestions and usually make me smile! It's great to catch up on their blogs when I need a little inspiration!!!

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I hope everyone likes their awards! If you are a reader, I encourage you to check out each of these blogs! They are all amazing women with wonderful stories!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Lessons

One of the things I love most about homeschooling and teaching my kids are the hands on interactive moments. Some of them are spontaneous and some planned but they are all educational and exciting!

Yesterday we planted our vegetable garden. A & E both got involved and we talked about the dirt, parts of the plants, sun, water, nutrients, pollination, and a host of other things. We talked about how amazing it is that God created this world and all the intricate details that made birds, insects, flowers, and plants work just right.

Speaking of God's AMAZING creations, a couple of weeks ago my kids were able to be near a miracle and in turn be in awe of God and His blessings! A close friend of ours delivered her precious daughter very early in the pregnancy. Baby is doing great and just after she was born we were able to see her in the incubator as they prepared to take her to the NICU. My kids were enthralled by the tiny tot who weighed in at 1 lb, 5oz. She led to some wonderful discussion about God, His plans for us before we are in the womb, and His miracles!

Even on a recent backyard picnic, we witnessed a mama bird in her nest. That time was full of questions and discussion about building the nest, eggs, and a mama bird's role in her babies lives.

As we look forward to Earth Day this week, I am excited to spend more interactive moments with my kids. Teaching them without books or worksheets about the world around them. About all these little and big things that they might never learn in a traditional classroom!

We did have a nice homeschool session at the table today though! Complete with Hooked on Phonics, Reader Rabbit math, and worksheets and books! A is still zooming her way through all of her material. We have temporarily put her states studies on hold and we are going to begin on the continents. With so many friends moving to international locations and Daddy preparing for a trip to Africa, this seems in order! We are in a comfortable rhythm and I am excited about what the fall has in store for us! I still have to purchase the next set of Hooked on Phonics and I need to pick her Kindergarten math curriculm. All fun things!


Good afternoon to you! I hope that things are well in your part of the world! I am contacting you on behalf of my wonderful husband Kyle. He is gearing up for his first ever missions trip! In August he will be leaving for an 11 day trip to Uganda, Africa! He is going as a chaperone to the Union University Lady Bulldogs basketball team. The coach for the team, Mark, is our Sunday School teacher and a dear friend of ours. Mark has asked Kyle, our Pastor Randy, and another friend Micah to chaperone these girls on this missions trip. The main focus of the trip will be visiting Katie and assisting her feeding program Amazima,, in any way that they can. You can read Katie’s blog to learn more about this God driven lady and her personal mission in Uganda at

The team will also be visiting two orphanges in the region they are visiting. This trip is an incredible opportunity to show the people of Africa the love of Jesus! We were able to recently host children that were part of the Watoto Children’s Choir. This choir is from Uganda also. The few days we spent with the three boys and their adult sponser were amazing! Our kids were able to learn so much about Uganda and the place their daddy will be visiting!

We ask that you would join us in prayer for safety for the team as they make this long journey. Please pray that God is going before the team and preparing hearts to receive the love of Jesus! Also prayer that financially the team will be secure!

The trip is going to be very costly. We are estimating the cost at around $2000 each for airfare, meals, and cash to carry in the county. This entire trip is hosted by Visiting Orphans. If you’d like to make a donation, checks should be made out to Visiting Orphans and sent directly to them with Union written on the check memo (Visiting Orphans P.O. Box 1766, Brentwood, TN 37024). You can also visit their website if you would like to give directly online. Just go to the upper right hand corner of the web-page and click on donate. Then in the Gift Designation drop down menu click on August 2010 Union Uni. and the money will be credited directly to our account. You can even specify a specific person you would like to receive the funds (Kyle Carter).

As an additional fundraiser, Kyle has teamed with Just Love Coffee roasters. This organization is based out of Murfreesboro, TN and exists to help fundraise for missions trips and adoptions. The coffee is amazing! We have tried 4 different grounds and really have enjoyed them all! Kyle receives proceeds from every product bought through his “store” at . Their newest blend is a Uganda coffee that is rich and BOLD! The Peruvian coffee is a bit milder with a woodsy undertone.

Thank you for reading our letter and for praying for Kyle! I am excited to see what God has in store for him as he goes on this trip. If you are able to give financial support or buy coffee, we deeply appreciate that as well!

I Pet 2:9-10

Saturday, April 17, 2010

God has blessed me with the greatest friends!

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately. I feel like my last few posts all say the same thing- we've been busy! But it's true! Things have just been hectic and wild around here the last several weeks. Even on days when I think things will be a little slower and calmer, a million things crop up that need to be done! Even as I am typing now, I am exhausted! We just cam home from a QUICK trip to Mississippi a couple of hours ago.

Anyway back to the title of my post.... in the midst of all this craziness were a couple of serene times. On Wednesday I had the privilege of a monthly bestie lunch! These are the best! For the last several months three of my friends and I have a lunch once a month. The three of them work outside the home so once a month I drop the kids with Nonna and I meet them in town for a meal. We have ate at a different place every month. We pretty much always fight over who will chose the place (none of us want to) but no matter where we go we have a great time! It is always just a fun hour to laugh and share and catch up. This time was in honor of Jamie's birthday and we had barbeque and she told us her funny story about getting pulled over for buying Sudafed! These are great friends who always make me laugh and always have my back and I care about them very much!

My second oasis was Friday. What an amazing morning!!!!! God has just led me to this wonderful place. I can't even put into words how wonderful my church family is. The building is nice but it isn't about the building, it isn't even about Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights (although they are great too!). It is about the people that He has placed there. I have never experienced anything like it! We have been there about 2 and a half years and it never seems old or stale. It is always new and welcoming. Okay I feel like I am rambling a bit here and not making much sense so let me try again!

I have these women, these awesome women that I call my friends. Not just my friends but my sisters! They are so different that it is a marvel that we all fit together. Each one God has blessed with these gifts, these fruits of the Spirit that they use and bestow upon other people. Friday we had a breakfast to say goodbye to one of our dearest friends. She and her family are going on mission. God has called them away from us and they are heeding His call. We are so sad to lose them, heartbroken really, but at the same time so excited for those that will be blessed through them. This sweet lady has a gift, we all said it, she has the gift of friendship. I know it sounds crazy I mean pretty much everyone can be a friend right? Wrong, not like Beffie does it. From the instant you meet her, she is your friend, she loves you and cares about you from that first moment. Not just her but Christ through her. She carries this peace and comfort and calm with her that is the Spirit of God. I cannot imagine these last 2 years without her.

Last month another of these sweet ladies left us. Her family also was called to missions. And they went. Not only did they go but they got the call, sold all of their things, and went in just 3 weeks time! Can I tell you that the FAITH of these women is so inspiring! Kristine has this quiet spirit about her. She is an amazing listener, a powerful prayer warrior, and if you look up patience her picture should be there next to it! So rarely is she frustrated that it is comical when she finally does get that way, because it is so out of character!

And they aren't all leaving! Many of them are still here, serving God in their homes, as wives and mothers each and every day. Kimbo opens her home to us and everyone else at the drop of a hat! She has a wonderful sense of humor and this tremendous spirit of hospitality. Melly is our practical friend who wants to help us whenever needed. She is always ready to find a solution and jump in and help. Mol is the mother we all want to be. Her children are gracious and well behaved and dote on their parents. Her family has adopted a new son and he is outstanding! Watching that journey has been a blessing to each of us! Manda is our comic relief! God has blessed her with the ability to make us all laugh! :) What a joy to have laughter at every one of our gatherings!

As two mommys from our group have left, two new ones have joined us! Our first mommy of multiples has arrived and taken our group by storm! Rather than wait for us to all invite them over, she has been inviting us into her home! She has a gift for photography and we are all reaping the rewards! Thanks Neise! And a mommy who we've all known and loved for awhile, she got to come to the the breakfast for the first time on Friday. Just 10 days after having a micropremie. Just 10 days after delivering a darling girl at 1 lb, 5 oz, she joined us for our fellowship. She needed it and we needed her to be there. Just amazing to see her slide right in as though she'd been there all along. And the baby you ask? GOD'S HAND is steady and sure. She is a miracle! She is doing so much better than we ever could have dreamed. She is going to be just fine, in fact she is going to be AMAZING!

This simple breakfast with about 17 kids running around, 2 sitters, and this insane group of 10 moms was an oasis for me. This time of food, fellowship, and prayer was just what I needed. Laughter with this support group that God handpicked for me..... this is what I needed. Thank you precious Lord for loving me through these friends that you have graciously sent to me. They are beyond words!

I hope you have this. I hope God has blessed you with women like these to come alongside you and mentor you, support you, pray for you, and love you no matter what. This community is what I pray God gives you.

As Manda said, Our best friends aren't those in front of us, but those behind us supporting us and praying for us!

Beffie and Kristine, I definately won't be in front of you, but Sisters I am behind you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 10

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I am trying the Ultimate Blog Party 2010! This will be my first time and I am excited to find new blogs to read, new friends to chat with, and to have new readers to my blog! Of course I am also excited about all the prizes they are giving away too!

So by way of introduction, my name is Edie and this is my blog! I am a stay at home mom that has recently began homeschooling my two kiddos. A recently turned 5 and E is 2 and a half. They are full of energy and questions and they keep me hoppin! My wonderful hubby of almost 9 yrs wades through all this chaos with me! We are members of an amzing church that has a wonderful support system of homeschooling parents, stay at home moms, and families that are always willing to come along side us. We seek Christ in all aspects of our lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer and we believe all things are possible through Him.

My blog is a mishmash of information. I love to share websites with you that I think will be helpful in homeschooling. I also share stories of our family, friends, and lives. We are currently raising money for my husband to go on his first missions trip to Uganda in the fall so I talk alot about that as well.

I enjoy reading blogs from other SAHM, homeschoolers, Christian writers, and those involved in fostering/ adopting. When you stop by be sure to leave me a comment so I can return the favor and visit your blog!

Hope you enjoy what I have for you here!

US105, US19, US32, US46, US49, US69 (3-5), US84,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains of TN

On the ride.......
We love some Jack in the box. Too bad we have to drive 2 hours to get to one!
I was disappointed that the Titanic Museum wasn't open yet. Opens later this month and boasts a 90 minute historic walk through complete with actual artifacts.
Definately the highlight of our trip, we were able to see the Watoto Choir perform again! The boys we had hosted last week were SO EXCITED to see us. They did a great job and our kids couldn't get enough of their hugs!
Twaha was suppose to be part of this drama but he couldn't stop peeking up and smiling at us! :)

The kids snoozin' in their great hotel bed.

Woohoo for the indoor pool! Spent a lot of time here during the week. Speedy is swimming like a fish with his floaties, and Apple has got swimming under water down pat!!

More pictures will soon follow! Hubby had a great time at all the training he had this week. The kids and I enjoyed some relaxing time. Our highlights (besides the choir- check out were the Aquarium and Wonderworks. We ate lots of food and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains.

Our heart attack moment of the week was when Speedy accidentally jumped on an elevator alone, and the doors closed.  We couldn't get him out! After several scary minutes, he came down in the other elevator with some of Hubby's very kind coworkers. He was crying, snotty, and terrified but he eventually calmed down, and so did we!

It was a wonderful vacation but we are all happy to be home after 6 days away!