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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easing back into couponing......

So I am starting to ease my way back into couponing. I had my first trip last week and I thought I did pretty well. It's hard when you first begin (or begin again) in my case because you don't have a large coupon stash. However with and some great blogs I have tentatively started.

I went to Wal-Mart and Walgreens today solely for the purpose of using coupons stacked with their current specials or sales. I had an issue at each store but with a little extra time and patience I was able to get them both sorted out!

So Wal-Mart deals first:

Free half gallon of chocolate milk with purchase of a gal of milk Saved $2.52 with coupon from Milk promo

Kikkoman soy sauce Saved $1 w/ kikkoman coupon- total cost $.74

4 pk Activia yogurt Saved $1 w/ SS coupon- total cost $.87

4 M & M heart shaped candy boxes Saved $2 w/ total cost $1

3 bxs 40 ct Snuggle dryer sheets Saved $1 w/, $2 w/ SS coupon- total cost $2.61

Afrin nasal spray Saved $3 w/ SS coupon- total cost $1.52

Motrin IB & Motrin PM Saved $6 w/ SS coupon- total cost $1.75

6 Renuzit Adjustables Saved $2.91 w/ SS coupon- total cost $2.91

After I had checked out, I really thought my total was too high. I checked it in the car and sure enough $6.97 worth of coupons had been left off!?! So back in we went to the service desk, the CSM pulled all the coupons from the register I had gone to, checked them one by one and then refunded my $6.97. A few extra mins was worth almost $7!!!

On to Walgreens:

3 bottles of Nyquil 10oz- On sale for $5 each plus $5 RR for next purchase plus $1.50 plus $1 coupons

Maalox- Saved $5 w/ SS coupon

Covergirl lipstick on clearance for $1.59- Saved $1 w/ SS coupon

2 Milky Way bars on sale for $.49- Saved $.50 w/ SS coupon

Plus had an extra $4 off from previous Register Rewards (RR)

Now this one for some reason did not print my $5 RR for my next trip. I also had to go back twice to get the right Nyquil because none of them were marked with the sales price. It again took a few extra minutes but the manager gave me a gift card for the RR and to make up for the hassle. I left happy! :)

I'm going to keep couponing! I love saving money! It is not easy to find time to clip the coupons, scour the ads, write down the plan, and try to keep up with it all at the grocery store with 2 little monkeys running away, trying to pulverize each other, and touching everything they see- BUT IT CAN BE DONE!

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