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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kroger Deals

Okay Melanie~ this one is for you!!! I am going to spell these deals out as well as I can! Kroger is doing their Daytona 500 deal again this week. With this deal you can purchase 10 "special" items and you receive $3 off instantly AND a $3 coupon for your next trip to Kroger. You can do this multiple times so 20 items= $6 off and 2-$3 coupons, etc.

I'm going to start off with an item that had even GREATER savings. For the Betty Crocker Gushers, Fruit Rollups, and/or Fruit by the Foot you get an extra coupon towards your next transaction for purchasing multiples. 3 bxs= $1 coupon, 4 bxs= $2 coupon, 5 or more bxs= $3 coupon

I mixed and matched 6 boxes of Betty Crocker snacks. I did this because I had 3 coupons to use on them that were .50 off of 2 bxs. These were also part of the Daytona special so this is what it looked like:

6 boxes at the "special" price of $1.69/ box=$10.14- 3 coupons for .50/2= $10.14-1.50= $8.64- .50 coupons are doubled at Kroger so $8.64-1.50= $7.14 (out of pocket today). Then at the end I got back $3 off coupon (for buying 10 items so .30 off per box) PLUS another $3 off coupon (for buying 5+ Betty Crocker snacks) means it was like I paid $2.34 for  6 boxes!!!

I also bought 3 packs of Pillsbury Break & Bake Cookie Dough. "Special" price of $2.19 each. I had a coupon printed from for $1.50 off of 3 packs. I also had a $1 off of two ECoupon added on my Kroger card from and a .75 off 1 ECoupon on my Kroger probably from So I had $6.57-$1-.75-$1.50=$3.32 (out of pocket today). Then they counted towards my 10 which is like getting an extra .30 off per pack making it $2.42 for 3 packs!!!!!

Chef Boyrdee (sp?) was also included in the "special". They were .69 on special. I had a coupon for a FREE one from a special. They took off .99 for it because that was the original price so it was a .30 money maker! Plus it made me an extra .30 because it went toward my 10 items so they basically paid me .60 to take it! (HA! And I normally don't buy that product!)

I did another 10 items. The Pillsbury Grands biscuits were in the special for .99 a can. I bought 3. I had a coupon for .40/ 3. So that becomes .80/ 3 after it is doubled. That means it was 2.97-.80= $2.17. Then I had an ECoupon from for .30 off. So it became $2.17-.30= $1.87 (out of pocket today). Extra .30 off each for 10 item coupon towards next transaction made it like paying .97 for 3 cans of Grands!!!

Hefty One Zip Bags are "special" price of $1.19 a box. I got 2 for $2.38. There were .15 off coupons on the boxes I wasn't expecting so that made them 2 for $2.08 (don't know why the .15 didn't double but it was ok!). Then I had a coupon for $1 off of 2. So I got 2 for $1.08 (out of pocket). After the coupon for next transaction it was like paying .48 for 2 boxes!!!!!!

Duncan Hines Cake mix was in the special for .69. I bought 3 for $2.07. I had an internet coupon for buy 2 get 1 free. So I paid $1.38 for 3 (out of pocket). Subtract .30 each for the next trans coupon means it was like paying .78 for 3 cake mixes!!!!

I also added in 2 Kraft BBQ sauces on special for $1.38/2 (out of pocket). Take away .30 each for coupon for next trans means I paid .78 for 2!!!!!

And I have $9 worth of coupons for my next Kroger trip.

Also on sale were 4 pack Dannon Light n Fit Yogurt for $1.88. I had .40 coupon that was doubled making it $1.08.

Land o Lakes butter was on sale for $1. I had a .50 coupon that was doubled making the butter FREE!

Some Kellogg's cereal was $2.50 a box. I had 2 different $1 off a box coupons (for specific flavors) so I got 2 boxes for $1.50 each.

Happy Krogering!! :)


  1. Well I would but.... you don't have a coupon binder! HAHAHA! You better ger one! ;)

  2. So, I've read this post now for the THIRD time, but hey, I learn something each time :) I guess you saw that Kim gave me her old binder. I actually realized I needed one when I saw my stack of coupons last night!


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