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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Approach

Many of you have read my frustrations with Apple and her Hooked on Spelling. The program itself is good but has been tedious for my fastpaced princess. So last week we tried a new approach (and it's working)! The whole reason I bought the program at Christmas was that she was not progressing with spelling. She can read pretty much anything now but if she wanted or need to write something it was "How do you do you do you spell....?" Not good! So we bought it and she worked on it and she got frustrated with all the repetition. Okay so starting last week we eliminated the CD ROM portion. The program comes with a CD Rom and workbooks and some cards (we've never used the cards). I have started reading the spelling list from the workbook out loud to her. The deal has been if you can spell all the words, you don't have to do the computer part. Lo and behold she has been able to spell all the words! Amazing! ;) So now she just has to spell the words, then complete the workbook. Voila! Less frustration all around! (Thanks Melly for the fabulous idea!)

So now she is on track to complete HOP 2nd grade by the end of this school year. I have been on the look out for something for her for next fall. I'm thinking more reading comprehension and readers, rather than a traditional all in one curriculum. Any suggestions?

I'm also looking ahead for math. Just as a refresher, we have used all workbooks and manipulatives for this year. The workbooks have all been 1st grade ones. She is doing money pennies, nickels, dimes, & quarters so far, time to the hour and half hour, adding and subtracting up to double digits, counting to 100, skip counting, and other review things like shapes, sequencing, more than, less than, etc. So now I'm wondering do I buy her a good 1st grade curriculum, good 2nd grade curriculum, or something more like a 1st-6th grade curriculum? Keeping in mind my budget is tiny. As much as I would love one of those $300 all in ones, ain't gonna happen unless someone gives me one! So I'm open to suggestions!

That's about it for now. We are still moving right along. I will say one of my favorite perks is that on days when I don't feel as well (like yesterday and today), we can move at a slower pace and make up for it another day!

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  1. As for the "How do you spell..." questions, I always kept a dictionary (age appropriate), and if I knew it was something they should be able to spell (or I thought they could sound it out), then they were required to look it up.

    I haven't researched it a lot, but you should check out Math-U-See.

    It looks like they also have a placement test offered on their website that could be helpful.


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