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Monday, February 7, 2011

What we've been working on....

Apple has dived right into the Hooked on Phonics 2nd grade edition. She is also moving right along with the Hooked on Spelling. I will say with the Spelling program, it is a bit tedious. I do think that it is improving her spelling, but it has not been easy. The program is for 5-8 yr olds. We are on the first set of two and about halfway through it and it is still working on all 3 letter words. She could do a lot of them before the program, and I really thought it would move on quickly, but so far it has not. The computer portion of the lesson is pretty long too. I know that repetition can be the key to learning but even I am thinking when will it ever end?? Anyhow we will wade through it! :)

She is also chugging right along in math. We have focused on pennies, nickels, dimes, o'clock, half hour, and addition and subtraction. We are up to double digit numbers now that she has mastered counting by 5s and 10s. We have also worked on some simple fractions.

She has finished the study we have on the continents. I was going to attempt to go back to learning the states, but I think we will put that on the back burner for right now. We are on track to finish her first grade Science book by the end of the semester. I want to reincorporate (is that a word?) art into her school time. I have gotten kind of lax about including it, but it is a major motivator for her!

Speedy is at the very beginning stages of recognizing letters and numbers and learning to write his name. We've also been working on learning his phone number and address. I must find more interactive, movement involved ways of teaching him. It is a work in progress.

They are both still working on their "God & Me" devos that they received for Christmas. We have also began using some great charts from Doorposts. The "If-Then" and the "Blessing" charts are wonderful. I encourage you to check out if you have not before!

We are receiving more snow this year then I ever remember having before! It is leading to some great discussions about the weather and weather patterns, but I am ready for warmer days so the kids can run off some energy!

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  1. How much time are you spending on the 3-letter words? If you are not already, you could always give her a pretest. Let her study the words for a day, then give her the test. If she can spell 90% of the words, move on to the next list adding the words she was unable to spell to the new list. Just a thought :)


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