And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love my family......

As a mom serving the Lord, I think that keeping my family happy is one of my primary duties. I aspire to be that woman in Proverbs 31. I don't think I will ever live up to her, but I love to have a goal and she makes a perfect one! So how do I keep my family happy?

I keep my hubby happy by keeping our home tidy, our cabinents stocked, food prepared, and our children well cared for. He spends his days working to provide for us, so the thing that makes him happiest is seeing that I take responsibility for our home. It would be disrespectful of me to allow our home to fall into a state of disrepair and dirtiness. It wouldn't be wise for me to allow our children to run amok all day.

I keep Speedy and Apple happy by providing structure and rules for them. They find comfort in a loose but consistent schedule. They excel when they know the rules and expectations we have for them. We provide them a set of morals and values to follow. True happiness in childhood comes from security. By homeschooling them, they have the security of learning in an environment that they are comfortable in. The learn at their own pace and I am able to tailor our lessons to their learning style.

Of course learning isn't the only thing that keeps them happy! I provide my kids my ears to listen to them and eyes to watch their accomplishments. I value their individual personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. I love all the little things that are different about them and all the little things that are alike. I enjoy knowing their favorite friends, stories, books, and movies. I love knowing how their days went, what games they enjoy playing, and which foods are their favorites.

My plan for keeping my family happy is to remember what makes me happy. I love it when someone is really interested in me and my husband and kids feel the same way. If you are looking to make your family happy and show them your love, try these tips to make them feel special:

*Make their favorite meal
*Buy something they have had their eye on (just because)
*Take an interest in them by asking about their favorites
*Spend time doing an activity you know they enjoy
*Set aside a special time for a chat with them over cookies
*Take pictures together

Do you have any tips for keeping your family happy?

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  1. Yes I love the Social Moms campaigns too : )

  2. You inspire me to want to try harder at being a better wife. :o)

  3. What a sweet comment Michelle! I happen to know for a fact that you are a terrific wife! I know you will be glad when he gets home! :)

  4. What a sweet comment Michelle! I happen to know for a fact that you are a terrific wife! I know you will be glad when he gets home! :)


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