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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I went Krogering........

And here's what happened. Nothing. LOL! Guess you want a little more detail than that!

So I spent quite a bit of time this morning pouring over this weeks ad, looking over my digital coupons, and going through my paper coupons. The rumors are that Kroger will no longer allow you to stack a digital coupon and a paper coupon. If a digital coupon comes off for a product then supposedly you are out of luck. You can't reverse it and choose to use a paper coupon instead. The problem in this is that digital coupons don't double and usually aren't as high of a value as a paper coupon.

For instance Fiber 1 bars are $2.29 at my Kroger this week. I have digital coupond losfrf got .50 off 1 box BUT I have paper coupons for .40 off 1 box which would double making it .80 off 1 box. Obviously the paper coupon is the way to go. So you think you can just remove the digital coupon from your card and use your paper coupon, right? Wrong. Or partially wrong. There is no way to remove coupons that came from Once those are loaded, they stay on until you use them or they expire. Bummer.

The only other solution I saw here in the cyberworld was to give them my Kroger card VERY last. After the paper coupons had scanned. That way those came off first and they couldn't keep you from using them and then the digital ones shouldn't come off because you already used a coupon. Whew. Okay.

So Kroger's sale this week isn't their best, at least not according to the ad. I wasn't real impressed. It is a Mega sale meaning buy 10 SELECT items and receive $5 off your order which equals .50 off extra per item. I made my list but only had about 8 matchups with my coupons. BTW one of those matchups was for Wheat Thins and you can get a coupon off of their facebook page. Go now! Both coupons are for items on sale at my local Kroger, Wheat Thin Crackers & Stix.

However when I got to the store, I was slightly more impressed with the sale. There were quite a few unadvertised deals, more items in the Mega sale. The trend has been for the Kroger sales to run for 2 weeks and with this many unadvertised items, I would imagine we are looking at a duplicate sale for next week. Okay so here's my rundown:

Advertised Deals:

Wheat Thins $2.49- .50 Mega- $1 ICPN= .99

Ritz Munchables $2.49- .50 Mega- $1 ICPN ( .99

Kraft Slices $2.49- .50 Mega-.55 SCPN- .55 DCPN= .89

Honey Bunches of Oats $2.49-.50 Mega- $1.25 Catalina= .74

Vitamin Water .99-.50 Mega- $1/5 KCPN =$1.45

Red Gold Toms .99-.50 Mega= .49

Fiber One Bars $2.29- .40 SCPN- .40 DCPN= $1.49

Kroger Frozen Veggies 5/$5

Lays Chips $1.99

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.99- .50 Mega= $1.49

Capri Sun, Roaring Waters, or Kool Aid Jammers $1.99- .50 Mega= $1.49

Bumblebee Tuna .99-.50 Mega= .49

Coke 6 pk bottles 3/$9

Kroger Bread & Buns 10/$10

Kroger Fries & Tater Tots $1.99

Stouffer's Entrees advertised as $9.98 but some were $8.99 so $8.99- $2 KCPN= $6.99


Mrs Pauls Fish Sticks or Planks $3.49-.50 Mega= $2.99

Birds Eye Steam Veggies (this was advertised but I needed it down here) $1.99-.50 Mega= $1.49

I had a SCPN for buy 1 Mrs Paul's Item get a Birds Eye Veggie Free so I actually paid $2.99 for both and they both counted towards my 10 Mega items. :)

Ronzini Pasta .99- .50 Mega- $1 SCPN= 2 FREE (cashier has to "push" these through) (& I got 6!) Some of the Ronzini CPNS were for $1 off 1, some were $1 off of 2. Kroger is "suppose" to mark theirs down to the value of the item (so .49 off instead of $1 off) but a good cashier will allow you to use it towards more than one of the product so you get the whole value off, ex. $1/1 @ .49 buy 2 @ .49 get $1 off making both free.

A-1 Steak sauce $2.99- .50 Mega- $1 SCPN= $1.49

Kroger BIG bottle of Ketchup $2.99

Fruity Pebble Bars and Cocoa Pebbles Bars $2.49- .50 Mega- $1 SCPN= .99

Kroger Mixed Veggies or Peas 2/ $1 (still collecting cans for the We Can food drive!)

So all together I bought 40 of these items for $20 off. Click here for a funny story from Hip2Save. This was totally how I was feeling. My kids were super rowdy this trip, I was nervous about how the coupons would work, I wasn't as organized since some of my best finds weren't advertised, and there was a line forming behind me at the register AND I evidently miscounted so originally it only took off $15 instead of $20.

FORTUNATELY I had gone through Heather's line. Heather is God sent to be my cashier! Heather LOVES coupons! I have purposefully gone through Heather's line many times. The store I usually go to is one of 4 Krogers in my town. It is the closet to my house but probably the smallest of the 4. Because it's small they don't always have what I am looking for (like the protein bars last week) but I have gotten to know many of the employees there and generally the lines are shorter and the aisles clearer. However lots of times there are only 2 cashiers on duty and so I don't always get to "pick" a good cashier. But I digress.

When I walked up Heather greeted me and asked for my Kroger card. I told her I needed to hold it to the end because of the new policy. She looked puzzled. What new policy she asked? I gave her the skinny and she shook her head. She said she hadn't heard a thing about it and she had just stacked her coupons at the store last night. What?!?!?! I had confirmation from a friend last night that one of the north stores in town had in fact implemented this policy and that a manager had watched over her whole transaction to make sure that everything went according to the "new policy." I told Heather all of that and she said she didn't think there was a change at our store's system but we would try it with the card at the end just to be sure. She rang everything up, scanned all my coupons, scanned my Kroger card, scanned an extra box of juice pouches since I miscounted, and then voila!

You know what........ my digital coupons came off anyway!!! All that for nothing pretty much. Unfortunately I can't just take for granted it will always happen because of all the rumors and actual stories from other stores. Kroger, you are giving me extra stress I don't need!!

Anyway I ended up with an extra $2 off with the digital coupons. So it's done. Not the best shopping trip to Kroger, but still some favorable deals.


ECPN= digital coupon
ICPN= Internet printed coupon
KCPN= Kroger Coupon
DCPN= Doubled coupon
SCPN= Sunday paper coupon

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  1. I am concerned about ours as well. I'm glad to know I can scan the coupons BEFORE using my Kroger card, because I don't want to take the time to take coupons off my card. Also, the last time I went to Kroger, the lady at the checkout told me her manager had told her the night before not accept any paper coupons AND digital coupons, so it sounds like they are having to do it manually. She just said, I'm just giving you a forewarning. She told me as far as she was concerned, she thought they should let us, and then proceeded to do so, but told me she might not be able to in the future.


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