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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kroger (again)

I told you I was going back to use a few coupons. I went to another Kroger store on our way to church last night and here is what I got:

3 Zone Perfect Bars

1 Propel Zero Water

2 Pure Protein Bars

5 Butterfingers

And the total was......... $3.18!!!!!! How?

Propel Water= FREE with a Catalina (coupon printed at the register) from a previous Kroger trip

3 Zone Bars= FREE with 3- .55 off SCPN that doubled (automatically adjusted to sale price of $1)

2 Pure Protein Bars= .98 w/ a B1G1 Free Internet Coupon

5 Butterfingers= $1.50 w/ ECPN for $1/5

Total with tax $3.18

Total Savings:

MFG CPN $4.84
Bonus CPN $1.35
Kroger Plus $2.02

Total Saved $8.21!!!

Not bad! :)


  1. Something went wrong in your shopping. Everything is healthy except for the butterfingers! :o)

  2. ;) I knew that would rile some folks up! :)


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