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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We are so ready for Spring to begin tomorrow! We have already had several beautiful, sunny 70 degree days in our neighborhood! Lawn mowers, tillers, birds, charcoal in the grill, flowers, fresh fruit and veggies..... those are my favorite springtime samplings!

I am recovering from the flu (YUCK!) and so I had to put my spring cleaning to the side for a few days. I started anew today though to get rid of the germies! I thought I would keep a little log over the next couple of weeks of the areas I am tackling. Our house isn't huge, but it isn't tiny either. It is absolutely amazing how quickly things (and dust!) accumulate. While I consider myself a fairly clean person (read OCD) things like dust and clutter still build up.

Here is what I have been working on the last week or so:

*Gathering items for the biyearly consignment sale we participate in. This is one of those worse before it gets better projects. Right now my dining room is filled with outgrown clothes and unused toys but in a week and a hlaf they will leave my house, hopefully to never return! Consignment sales are a great way to declutter, give a donation, and make some sweet cash! The sale we participate in gives a private school 40% of the earnings, we get 60%, and they do most of the work! We also buy many new or almost new items there, keeping our wardrobe budget very low! I encourage you to seek out consignment sales in your area, they are often hosted by schools, churches, and community organizations.

*As part of the consignment sale process, going through clothes, drawers, & closets. Also the shoe bins. Spring and Fall are the best times to weed out clothing and shoe items that no longer fit. This isn't just for the kids either! Now is a great time for you and the hubby to check for items you no longer wear or that don't fit or are stained or unrepairable. We always have 4 piles- trash, Goodwill, keep, & consignment sale. Then take time to really organize the clothes as you put them back up. Hang up any items that need to be in the closet and carefully fold drawer items. Also take this time to store clothes that are now out of season (ie big sweaters, thermal underwear, and flannel pajamas). We store ours in Ziploc big bags and/ or plastic storage containers. Then they all go into one storage closet so they are easily accessed if we need them. Now is also a good time to sort through purses! They accumulate quickly!

*I organized my bathroom stockpile. We are blessed with a bathroom closet, 3 large bathroom cabinents and 5 bathroom drawers. They are a blessing, but can also easily become overrun and unorganized. I took everything out of all of them. Throw away trash, store like items together, and make sure to keep the most used items closest to hand. This helps everything to stay organized.

*I cleaned up my "office." I use that term loosely because since I got my laptop I don't use my office much. It basically was a junk dump. Almost couldn't get it the room because we got lazy and we were putting everything in there! I took a whole afternoon when the hubby was off work and did nothing but clean it up. Basically just had to file some papers and put things in the right spot. Now it isn't such an eyesore and I don't have to climb over things to get my coupons off the printer!

*My washing machine had a bit of a funky smell I had noticed a time or two. I got to looking at it today and the fabric softner dispenser (mines a top load) was gooked up with stuff. Now I don't use this little device but since it is open at the top things like detergent, lint, etc had formed in it. It pops right off so I took it and gave it a good hot water rinse in the sink. There was also a plastic filter thingy underneath that popped out so I cleaned it too. No more funky smell!

More to follow as I get things done! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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