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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walgreens Deals (more) & a special $10 coupon.....

So I will start with the $10 off coupon. I have heard that this mall store has some lawsuits going on involving websites so I won't use their name. I will just call it the "J" store. The "J" store often sends out $10 off a $10 purchase coupons. I ALWAYS run to use these! No other restrictions on them so this is just a free $10! I have heard of ladies saving them for bras, kids pjs, etc. I always wind up using mine for gifts. Somebody is always having a birthday or its Mothers Day or something. So my kiddies have a birthday party to attend Saturday. We ran to the "J" store this afternoon. Only took us about 10 minutes! I was able to find 2 terrific shirts for the little boy. One was sale price $6.99 and the other was on the clearance rack for $3.37. My total out the door? 40 cents!!!!! 40 cents!!!!! Wow. For 2 really nice shirts that will be a terrific gift. All smiles!!! (Check your mail, you probably have one of these- now go use it!)

Okay so on to Walgreens. I was a little disappointed because the store I stopped at didn't have 3 of the items I was looking for. Those were:

Purex Liquid Detergent 32 load $2.99- $1 SCPN= $1.99

Renuzit Cones .79 w/ in ad cpn plus buy 3 Get 3 free SCPN would have been $2.37 for 6

Dial Soap .99 w/ in ad cpn-.35 SCPN= .64

But they didn't have any of those. These were the things I was able to get:

Renuzit Crystals $3.99- $3 SCPN=.99 (got 2)

Ajax Dish Liquid .89 w/ in ad cpn- .50 SCPN= .39

Butterfinger Eggs .29 (got 3 as "fillers")

Total $4.19 used $3 in Register Rewards= Out Of Pocket 1.19

Total Savings:

 WAG Coupon Savings .30


Again, all smiles!!

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