And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why do we do it?

I had a friend on Facebook post the link to this article the other day Dr. Watson's comment was "One doesn't have to be a Bible thumper to perceive that something is terribly off . . ." I have to agree with him and the article.

Why do we allow culture to force or encourage us to allow our daughters to wear those "clothes." I use the term loosely because most of the time it's less than clothes. I have an aunt that use to call them "naked clothes." Seems appropriate. My response to my friend was that because I am not a seamstress, I am at the mercy of the marketplace, the stores that are at the mercy of the designers who are supposedly following the fashion or styles.

We are very strict with Apple's clothing. She doesn't fight us because she knows where we stand on modesty (of course she's only 6). She's more likely to want to wear clothes that don't exactly match than clothes that don't cover her body. Our challenges come in the lack of clothing that is appropriate for her. She is very tall for her age and therefore wears clothes in the older girls department. Apple LOVES dresses and skirts, she wants to wear them everyday. While I don't wear lots of dresses, I let her. I think it's great that she embraces her feminity. Unfortunately it's all but impossible to find dresses and skirts that match 3 criteria: 1. They have to be long enough, 2. They have to be everyday wear (can't wear a holiday dress to play in the backyard, 3. They can't be too "mature" and they can't have "stars" or sayings we disagree with on them. She also doesn't really wear anything with characters on it. It's nearly impossible to find these types of clothing. She also really likes long skirts, especially in the winter. Very difficult to find. I could make these, but it's typically more costly and time consuming.

Most of us by nature and modest people. We don't arrive in this world wanting to bare it all. As a female, I can say that in my teenage years, my choices in clothing were all based on my friends, who based it on their friends, it's just a vicious cycle of children or teens that need our guidance. Unfortunately so many adults choose not to give that guidance. They want to be "cool" and let their kids wear what all their friends are wearing. They don't want to fight over clothes or they cop out and say well they will sneak out and put on what they want when they aren't in the house. Yea..... where are those kids getting those clothes? It's possible they may borrow clothes from friends, but that's a lot of trouble. More than most kids will go through.

I saw a young girl tonight with "Daisy Dukes" on. I know her parents. I know they are Christians. I know they aren't willfully promoting premarital relations. However, if you let a young girl wear almost nothing in a public place, she eventually becomes comfortable with displaying her body. It's not much of a jump to go from showing almost everything to showing everything. Also, what message does that send a boyfriend? Most girls are uncomfortable in revealing clothing (at least when they begin wearing it) and uncomfortable with the serious physical demands most young relationships take now.

As a parent, it's our job to convey to our children the importance of modesty. The importance of respecting their own bodies and demanding others do the same. It's important to teach our daughters that their beauty is on the inside and that it is more responsible to wear clothing that covers than following the latest trend. Also, it seems this should go without saying, but it is essential that we model modesty for our children. We shouldn't wear shorty shorts and revealing tank tops with no undergarments. We shouldn't wear revealing dresses or skirts that don't cover our bodies.

The Bible is clear about this issue, but I agree with my friend, you need not be a Christian to see that something is wrong with sending our girls out without covering their bodies.


  1. I agree with you 100%!!! You couldn't have said it any better! I cringe when I see what some of the teenagers come into church wearing and just what they wear in general...out in the every day world. ugh I think to my self "I can't believe her parents let her out of the house wearing that". So, what you said was spot on! :)

  2. Oh man you are so right. Have you seen that commercial where the Dad uses the girls mini skirt as a rag to wipe his hands off in an attempt to ruin the skirt and the Mom happily washes it up. The girl struts past her Dad who is mortified. O.o It's sad and sick really. I am pretty thankful that the Lord blessed me with a boy but on that same note I have to teach him not to treat a woman as a sexual object. What a messy fallen world we live in.

  3. Thanks ladies! I am SO glad it isn't just me that feels this way! I do know that commercial and I despise it! It not only shows the mom approving of the bad skirt but also her disagreeing with the Dad and overstepping his decision. UGH!


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