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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We recently had the privilege of trying Brickstix!
Brickstix are fun accessories for Legos, Megablocks, etc! These reusable clings are durable and unique! There are several different themed sets. We received the Metro Set. Each set has 2 sheets of clings. There are clings for your child's characters, signs, buildings, and more! You can buy Brickstix on their website.

Apple and Speedy really like the Brickstix. They were a little frustrated that some of the clings were too big for our particular Lego set. They enjoyed all the choices though and have pulled them out several times since they first arrived!

I like them too! I enjoy that they are an accessories to toys that most homes already own! Instead of buying all new Legos, we can just buy new Brickstix! I was disappointed that both sheets were identical. I was expecting different clings on each set. While I would have been more impressed with a bigger variety, at least with 2 identical sets Speedy & Apple didn't fight over them. Actually Apple has never been interested in Legos at all until these arrived! I think the clings make the blocks more interesting for her because she is able to use her imagination and creativity more with them.

Go check out Brickstix! Each set is only $5.99!

I received this product from PTPA Media for the purpose of review. The opinions are my own.

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