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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy Pillsbury Monkey Bread

 Find the recipe I used here- Monkey Bread Recipe.

I made Monkey Bread for the first time last night! I had a couple of cans of biscuits that I needed to use and this was a great way to do it! Now I've had Monkey Bread before, but I had never cooked it before. I followed the recipe from the Pillsbury Grands site. I did use Honey Butter Grands instead of regular (even more yummy goodness!) and I did not put in nuts or raisins. If I had any pecans on hand they would've gone in but I was fresh out. Apple is the only raisin eater in the house so they were a no go.

I followed the instructions and put the results in my Bundt pan (imagine the lady on My Big Fat Greek Wedding saying it! Bount? Bun? But? BUNDT!). I think I should have squished them together a bit. As you can see in the pictures, it wasn't as meshed as it should have been.

Also don't be afraid to cook it the full 32 minutes (or even a few more). I set my timer to 30 mins (to fall in the 28-32 range). It was pretty much impossible to tell if it was cooked all the way through so I took a chance and flipped it out. One side on the bottom was a little doughy still. Not terribly bad but I would've cooked it an extra minute or two if I'd known (I also think that contributed to the piece that pulled apart).

Overall it was good! Very easy! Next time I will cook add pecans, squish a bit, and cook a little longer! This was a very inexpensive dessert though. When I got the bisuits I only paid about .30 a can, the margarine was free, and we always have cinnamon on hand.

On a scale of 1-5, I'd give the recipe a 5!!!! It was easy to follow, inexpensive, and the kids and I really enjoyed it! It would be easy to serve for a get together or to take to a party.

(Is that what you had in mind Dee Dee?)


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