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Friday, April 8, 2011

A few more Kroger Match ups

I had to go back to Kroger today. I don't like going more than once a week but the trip the other night was on a whim with my mom so I didn't have a list. I also had to buy several things that I didn't have a coupon for today. *BOO* I know this will happen from time to time but it hurt not to have savings over 50%!! I won't bore you with the items I bought that weren't on sale or with a coupon!

Banquet Meals .88 (These make great lunches for the hubby or kids! I usually eat a lean cuisine if they have these.)

Digorno Pizza & Wyngs $5.48 - $3 Catalina CPN from previous Kroger trip= $2.48

Healthy Choice Steamer Entree $2- $1 All You CPN= $1

Healthy Choice Cafe Entree $2- $1 SCPN= $1

Tostitos Chips $2.48 X 2= $4.96- $1.50 Kroger CPN from mailer= 2/ $3.46

Marie Callendar's Bakes $3.99- $2 All You CPN= $1.99

Orville Red PopCorn Bowl $1.50- $1 SCPN= .50

Fleischmans Yeast Strip $1.89- .40 SCPN- .40 DCPN= $1.09

Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Raisins $1.88- $1 SCPN= .88 (X 3!! expires Sun so go soon!)

Cutie Oranges $5.49- .55 SCPN- .55 DCPN= $4.39

New York Croutons $1.69- .50 SCPN- .50 DCPN= .69

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