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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Did you know Peeps has a new online store???? Check it out here. This is great because Peeps are fantastic!

They are fun to play with, good to eat, a recognizable symbol of Easter, and they make great decorations! When I was a kid I always looked forward to finding those little yellow chicks in my Easter baskets. They were always in there! I loved biting the heads off and then savoring all the yummy marshmallow inside! It was one of the best parts of Easter. The color always reminded me of freshly bloomed buttercups (another of my favorite spring time items!).

My kids haven't developed a taste for Peeps yet. They always eat them, but I can tell it isn't with the same gusto I do! I have hope for them yet though! I will continue to fill their Easter baskets with Peeps until they see what a fun, special treat they are!

There is something extra special about a candy or food that's only found one time of year. I mean most candy bars can be picked up any day of the week at any store. When I see Peeps at Easter or candy canes at Christmas, I get so excited! It means the holiday is almost here! And who doesn't love holidays? (Only the Grinch!)

I mentioned decorations earlier, Peeps make great wreaths and center pieces for Easter festivities! They are so colorful and fun, they can just be placed around a plate and put at the middle of the table! They are sure to be noticed and talked about! Want to make a special Easter cake? Decorate a 9X13 cake with edible grass and lay some Peeps around on it. Ta-da perfect for that special family gathering! Or make cupcakes and put one Peep on top of each one! You can also float Peeps in your hot chocolate. Put a Peep on a skewer, make a dozen of them and you have a cute vase of Peeps for the table center or food bar. Hide packs of Peeps instead of Easter eggs! No filling required!

Of course Peeps aren't just yellow chicks anymore, you can find them in pink, purple, and blue and also in other fun shapes like bunnies!Yellow chicks will always be my favorite though because they take me right back to special Easter baskets. Ahh those were the days, when I just got to hunt the eggs instead of fill them and hide them!

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In 2009, Just Born, Inc., maker of PEEPS®, MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES® and PEANUT CHEWS® opened its first retail store named PEEPS & COMPANY®.

PEEPS & COMPANY® is located at the banks of the Potomac, minutes from Washington D.C. at the very center of National Harbor’s dynamic main plaza. Directly in front of the PEEPS & COMPANY® store is the Seward Johnson’s famous statue, The Awakening, along with sweeping views of the beautiful Potomac River. The store’s location is at a converging point for residents and thousands of visitors arriving by bus, car, and ferries, which dock at the piers in front of the store.

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