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Monday, April 11, 2011


Back when I first started staying at home, I was subscribed to 2 or 3 cooking magazines. We were on a very tight budget, and I was really interested in new trying new recipes that were easy and inexpensive. As a result I very quickly amasses a LOT of recipes. I got all "over achiever" and decided I would type up all the ones I liked and make a binder. I was typing them in order by catergory and sub catergory (go ahead and laugh Mel). Anyway I got about 100 recipes typed and gave up! It was very time consuming and mind numbing to just type and type and type.

So the binder was pushed to the side and for the last 6 years recipes have just been floating all over my house. I often would get a recipe from a friend, make it a few times, lose the recipe, get the recipe from the friend again, lose the recipe, and repeat (sorry KIM!!!!). Then this became my organization:

Fancy right? I know! Worst part is most of the time, the recipes never got put back in here and it wouldn't hold most of them! A few weeks ago I decided this wasn't going to work anymore. As I was spring cleaning, I found recipes EVERYWHERE! In my bedroom, my office, my kitchen counter, my kitchen pantry, my kitchen cabinents, the living room, my coupon binder, the laundry room... EVERYWHERE!

So I decided to take a cue from my nifty coupon binder and make a recipe binder. I piled all my cookbooks, magazines, recipes, beginnings of a recipe binder, etc in the center of the kitchen table. And they sat there for 2 weeks........ That never happens to you, right?

Saturday I finally had time to tackle them! Hubby was home and the weather was nice so they all went out to play. I took the recipe binder I had started, more page protectors, and baseball card sheets and got down to business! It is by no means perfect, I could have worked on it 3 more hours easily, and I still have a huge stack of magazines that I need to go through, but for now all my loose recipes are stored together in one place! There are dividers for bread/ appetizers, soups/ salads, entrees, breakfast, sides, and desserts.

This is my "finished" product":

I feel better that there is at least some type of order in this area now. I won't have to keep calling Kim for that granola bar recipe and when I get ready to take a dish somewhere I don't have to always make that one recipe I have memorized!

In the near future, I hope to purchase another 3 ring, zippered binder like I use for my coupons (maybe the one I use for coupons now because its already buldging...) and make it even more functional.


  1. I can't believe you were typing all those recipes I have binder full of recipes too. :o)

  2. I know I'm crazy! :) You need a binder! You have more than I do I think!

  3. I want you to do a recipe post... like "we tried this and it's rated 4 stars for easy, 2 stars from the kids, and 3 stars from the adults". or something like that. I am NOT a cook. I don't like it. I do it because I have to. So I like easy, tasty, and not a lot of weird ingredients esp since we have a hard time with veggies here :) I know all you need is another blog..... :)

  4. Ok, so you TOTALLY nailed me! I'm sitting here reading this, thinking, "She's did what?!" And, then I read, (Go ahead and laugh, Mel), and yeah, that was it! Haha! It does look like you came up with a good solution to your need for organizing your recipes :) Love ya, Girl! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. LOL! Glad you got a good laugh! :)


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