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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walgreens Deals

Sorry the Walgreens Deals are a little late this week! There was Easter on Sunday and then we have had storms all week. Maybe a picture of my cuties will help you forgive me!

So I finally got there tonight and of course they were out of many items. Thursday is restock day in our town so I will try to hit another one tomorrow. Here's what I got:

Paas Egg Dye Kits .50

Charmin Basic $2.99- .25 SCPN= $2.74

Pantene Shampoo $5.99- $1 RR- $2 P & G CPN= $2.99

Walgreens Honey $3.99

Pringles 3/ $4- $1/3 SCPN= 3/$3

Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste $2.49- $1 WBCPN- $1 SCPN= .49

Stayfree $2.99- $3 RR- $1 ICPN= +$1.01

Other things I wanted to get:

Purex Crystals $3.99- $2 SCPN= $1.99

Luster Toothpaste $4.99- $4 RR- $1.50 SCPN= +.51

Cap'n Crunch $1.99-.50 SCPN= $1.49

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