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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: The Complete Zoo Adventure

As a homeschooling family, I like every trip we make to be educational. If we go to a place that is field trip minded, I check their website before we go to see if they have additional information or worksheets for my kids. We need to go above and beyond just visiting the zoo and oohhing and ahhing over the animals. I want both of my children to take educational tidbits away with them. I was SO impressed when I received The Complete Zoo Adventure! This book will be useful for any family for children whether you homeschool or not! It would also be wonderful for a church group or birthday party trip to your local zoo! This book is versatile and could be used at any zoo or wildlife center!

This beautiful hardcover, spiral bound book begins with colorful tabs to guide you through this "Field Trip in a Book." There are tabs for "Before the Zoo", "At the Zoo", "Birds", "Reptiles", "After the Zoo", etc. This is a full learning experience that can cater to several age groups! Your child can learn valuable information with wonderful pictures and resources for many different types of mammals, birds, and reptiles. there is a valuable index to use also! The very back of the book includes a special pocket chock full of:

7 Devotionals • 27 Encounters with God's Creatures • "Looking Ahead" * 7 Creation Foundation Lessons • Detailed Professional Educator Guide • 27 Scripture Memory Aids • 12 Name Badges

The field journals and name badges are enough by themselves to get your children EXCITED about a trip to the zoo, even if its one you've visited several times in the past! I'm excited to learn more about animals and refresh my memory on facts!

Apple snatched this book up right away and has been pouring over the pages. She and Speedy can't wait until our next trip to the zoo! With highs in the upper 90s and full southern humidity in force, we will be doing the "Before the Zoo" section for several weeks before we journey to our nearest zoo! This book will be in use for the next several years for us! I can't imagine a better animal study! It's got book work, written work, and will have hands on at the zoo! There's even a checklist of things to bring to the zoo with you!

I received this book from New Leaf Publishing for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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