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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What does homeschooling look like in the summer?

What is summer time like for homeschoolers you ask? Well I'm sure it's different for each and every homeschool family, just as a school year looks different for each home. As with most things, I had a plan for this summer........ well our summer has looked nothing like my plan so far! You saw our summer vacation photos in an earlier post. I thought we would come home and have some leisurely time to work with Speedy on letters and numbers and work with Apple on home ec. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The kids have been to Vacation Bible School and Basketball Camp (in the same week)

It was Speedy's first year at Bball camp and he was a CHAMP! He enjoyed his first "sports experience" and did a fabulous job!

Apple is a Bball camp pro! This was her 4th year and her last year as a Pee Wee Camper. She'll move to the big girl camp next year! She did a terrific job and was so proud of scoring several baskets on her own!

We've spent lots of time at Aunt P's pool! It is a quiet place in the country where we can swim and play! Apple is a fish and swims all over the pool all by herself (we've never done formal swim lessons) and Speedy is working on it! He now goes sans floaties and has finally moved off the pool steps. He has learned to go under water and to jump off the diving board (with a grown up to catch him) in just a couple of weeks!

Aunt P is so sweet, she even lets our friend come swim with us! Nothing better than a pool of kids on a HOT day!

The kiddos have also joined the summer reading program at the local library, and they have enjoyed checking out books and filling up their reading logs! Speedy has began Hooked on Phonics Pre K and he LOVES it! He feels like such a big boy doing his own homeschool! He's also working on a couple of Kumon workbooks in addition to his HOP. Apple is learning some home ec things and she is thrilled to have a REAL keyboard! She has started working on the My Piano DVD to learn some piano basics! She has such an artistic heart and God has blessed her with musical ability. She also has picked up some of her new curriculum (for the Fall) and has done a couple of lessons with no prompting from me. On advice of our umbrella school, she has done a math placement test and scored well above what we anticipated!

So I make plans and sometimes they get scrapped but the general framework is there. I'm continuing to plan curriculum for the fall and once I have it all in, I will begin Fall planning. I learned quickly last year that the more daily and weekly plans I have in place, the more successful our school days are! Especially working with both this fall, I need to have weekly goals in place! What does your summer look like?

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