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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apple's Own Style #jcpback2school

Apple certainly has her own sense of style! At 6 she is really into picking out her own clothes. Not only does she prefer to choose her own outfits each day but now she really wants to choose the clothes that we buy for her. Just a few weeks ago we took 3 outfits into a dressing room for her to try on. The first one I LOVED!!!! I just knew she would pick it. She tried on 2 more and picked the last one. It was very cute (otherwise we wouldn't have taken it to try on) but it was TOTALLY 80s fashion. A brightly colored scarf and lots of lime green, hot pink, and glitter!!! She really likes it and has worn it several times already.

She is OBSESSED with dresses. It is a punishment for her if we ask her to wear pants or shorts. She has always preferred dresses. I really thought by this age she would be over it but not even close! She wears dresses to play in the dirt, to run around the yard, to church, to playdates, everywhere. Most of her friends are into tshirts and capris but not this girl! The girlier it is, the more she likes it! Praise the Lord we have instilled a high sense of modesty in her. She still needs to wear shorts under her dresses when she is playing but she chooses clothes that are very modest. I appreciate that there is no argument over it, and I pray it will continue to be that way!

Of course she's a girl so she loves to add all kinds of accessories to her ensembles. Purses, jewelry, bright socks, and the perfect shoes. For some reason she isn't too into matching her shoes. She's pretty much into flip flops almost all year round and although she has lots of colors to choose from she tends to mismatch the shoes on purpose. In fact she doesn't match her socks either! She has some bright 80s style socks that she insists must be mismatched. She's all about one neon green with one neon pink! She does like her purse to match though. Although she doesn't feel the need to carry one all the time yet. She is a sight to see especially when she has a big bow or flower in her hair. It's all a part of her individuality I guess!

This girl is strong willed and confident in who she is. She isn't into the style of the moment or what her friends think is cool! THAT is one of the coolest things about my Apple!

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