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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guess What?

Does anyone remember my post here about's Backyard Escape Facebook promo? If you do, you're doing better than me! I had actually done the post and entered the Facebook promo and then forgotten all about it! Well about 2 weeks ago, I got a pleasant reminder because I WON one of the blogger grand prizes! I got a $500 shopping spree to!!!!! Yowza!

Let me just tell you it took me awhile to decide on my products! Hayneedle has a little of EVERYTHING! I could spend days scouring their site! I did finally decide however and let me just tell you their shipping is lightning FAST! I had most of my products within 3 days and the other came within about 7! So you wanna know what I choose?

Well I told you here about our fabulous new schoolroom. Well those desks that are so cute and matching..... yea they came from Hayneedle! They are terrific! They have lids that open up, chairs, and a pencil inset. They are roomy and both kids fits into them very well. They were on sale for less than $100 each! They were partially assembled when they arrived and it only took the hubby a few minutes to put the remaining pieces on! The kids can't wait for school to start back and I have caught them in there several times enjoying their new desks!

I also choose a rice cooker and a Rachel Ray pan. I have been enoying both of them! The rice cooker is terrific! It also steams, doubles as a fondue pot, and even came with recipes for making chicken and soup dishes with it! We've used it a couple of times and it's a breeze to use and clean! Rice and veggies or rice and stir fry are often on our dinner menus and this will make dinner a cinch! The Rachel Ray Yum-O pan is great! It's versatile and cleans easily!

Okay so for the grand finale......  my biggest selection was a GAS GRILL!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this grill! The hubby has a nice grill but it's a charcoal one. I love the taste of food grilled over charcoal but I am just deficient when it comes to preparing and lighting a charcoal grill. I have tried over and over and I just can't seem to do it right. However with this HUGE 4 burner with a side burner Char Broil gas grill, I can just turn on the gas and give the starter a little click, and I'm ready to go! Each burner lights individually so if the kids and I just want a couple of hot dogs or hamburgers for lunch, I only need to turn on one burner. When we are having a party or get together we can easily fire up all 4 burners and put some beans on the side burner! It really is a great grill. We've already used it several times and we love the results! It cooks fast and evenly. It cleans well and it has wheels so we can just roll it right back to its spot when we are through. At less than $300 it was priced just right! Hayneedle has a HUGE selection of grills to choose from to meet your family's needs.

So as excited as I was to have WON such a terrific prize, I also want to tell you about their service. When the grill arrived the box was a little damaged. When hubby opened it all up and began to put it together, our grill had some shipping damage. A small dent on the back and a small piece was bent. We weren't sure how the company would handle it, and we were ready to grill so he went ahead and put it together and we snapped some pictures of the damage. A few days later I contacted the representative at the company that had been assisting me with my prize. She was fabulous and got me right in touch with someone in customer service. Let me tell you they did a great job to get us satisfied! They gave us a couple of options and we were able to choose the one we were the most comfortable with! We now have a store credit to compensate for the damage to the grill. I am very pleased with the professionalism that the issue was addressed with (special thanks to Angela and Jordan!). I would recommend to anyone! You also will be impressed with their prices, customer service, and quality! Thank you Hayneedle for this fantastic prize pack!

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