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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introducing Our New Schoolroom!!!!

I've pondered if I should be calling this our "classroom" but we don't have a class..... this room is for our school so ta da! Our new schoolroom!

Teacher's seat and art table

Speedy's Corner and bookshelf 

Apple's corner and the storage closet

Other side of the teacher's seat and posters

I just can't tell you how excited I am! It's a clean, open, dedicated space! The hubby worked so hard to get this together for us in plenty of time before school begins! Our home is older and was added onto a couple of times before we got it. Most of the rooms in the house are all purpose, they can be used as bedrooms, living areas, etc. This room began more than 7 years ago as my office, then it was Apple's room, then it was an "office"/ BIG GIGANTIC JUNK room, ahem....... and now it' our dedicated school area.

I will be telling you more about their new desks in an upcoming post........

If you've been following us for awhile you'll know that this is our 3rd attempt at finding just the right school space. Apple and Speedy (like most kids) are easily distracted (and so am I) so we really need an area just for school. We began in the kitchen our first year, then moved to a large square hallway area. That was going pretty well for awhile, I enjoyed having things out of the kitchen. Unfortunately all of our school supplies spilled over to the laundry room, dining room, and my closet. Also the light wasn't really bright enough in that area and we eventually migrated back to the kitchen. Soon we had our big dry erase board and ABCs all over the kitchen. Not my favorite thing. I love to cook and I really consider the kitchen my domain and frankly I don't like sharing! Next month we will begin our new semester and I'm looking forward to utilizing every inch of this schoolroom.

Each child has a desk and a bookshelf for themselves. Apple has a empty organizer ready to be her workboxes. She loves to have a outline of what she needs to do for the week so she has a dry erase wallie on her side of the closet to write out her assignments for the week. My good friend DeeDee alerted me in the Spring when Target had the dry erase wallie that came with that nifty dry erase calendar on the front of the closet (they were SUPER cheap on clearance)!

Now that the room is ready, I am waiting on the last curriculum item to come in the mail so I can make out their goal outlines for the first semester! If you look back on my older homeschool posts you will see that I learned last year that organization and preplanning makes ALL the difference for us and our homeschooling success. I'm a little nervous this year since Speedy will be joining us more for his PreK. It's going to be a trial and error process in the beginning to find the balance that works for us!

3 weeks of summer left.....


  1. Fabulous school space!! I am really excited about the up coming school year. This is the first year we will be trying out the work box method. Great room ! :D

  2. Love the classroom! Thanks for linking it up to my Saturday Pinterest Party. I did pin it. Look for it and leave a comment and I will make sure to follow you back. Stop back next Saturday for mor Pin action! Susie


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