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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laying on the sand watching the surf roll in...... #VirginiaBeach

Sigh...... I wish I was back at the beach! I love going early in the year to beat the crowds but by midsummer I'm longing to be back in my beach chair! After checking out I'm longing to be in Virginia Beach! I've never been but this looks like a fabulous family getaway!

  • The beautiful water and long stretches of sandy beach look amazing! What a great place to play in the surf, take in the sun, relax and enjoy some laughs with the family. Making sandcastles, flying a kite, shooting water guns, they can all happen at Virginia Beach!
  • There is a fantastic looking aquarium there! You know I am all about sneaking in some homeschool everywhere we go and Virginia Beach would be no exception! Aquariums are a great place to get some science knowledge up close and personal!
  • I found another homeschool field trip to sneak in as well! There is a Military Aviation Museum! Now that would be right up Speedy's aisle and they wouldn't even realize all the social studies they would be learning!
  • I've wanted to take the kids to a water park now that they are older and Ocean Breeze Waterpark sounds like a winner! What kid wouldn't love a four slide complex overlooking the beach?
  • Mini golf all around! Always a perfect distraction in the middle of vacation!
  • There are boat tours for fishing and dolphin boat cruises! The fishing would keep hubby happy while a dolphin cruise would be another terrific lesson for Apple and Speedy!
  • I don't know about you but I love to shop on vacation! I wouldn't be disappointed in VA beach!
  • Fantastic accommodations whether you want a condo, a hotel, or a house to rent they can all be found in VA beach. We usually choose a condo at the beach so we can all be comfortable and we aren't disturbing someone next to us or under us like we would in a hotel.
  • Really exploring any new place is always an adventure. Just going to a new city and seeing what they have to offer is half the fun!
  • My friends Betty and Rusty are from there. I'd love to go with them and get a real tour of the area! Betty says the area is fantastic and I trust her judgement! I'm sure she could show me some fantastic local restaurants to try!

So if you haven't been on vacation this year and you are looking for a great family getaway, give Virginia Beach a try! If I haven't convinced you, check out the tourism website at!

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