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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Deal Hunt!

I got up at the crack of dawn (literally) this morning to go to yard sales. Now I know some people look down on yard sales as buying other people's junk and I also know that it isn't as popular in some areas of the country. Here yard sales are big business. You have to get up EARLY (hence crack of dawn) and you need a PLAN! Yes a yard sale plan. Sit down the evening before and scout out the ads. Most newspapers are free online so that's where I start. I also always check Craigslist. (Side note when I have a yard sale I list it on Craigslist because it is FREE! The newspaper here charges a large fee to list a sale and it just isn't worth it.) So when you have your list of sales then you need to scan through them. If there are street names you don't recognize pull out a map or even better look it up on Make a list of where you want to start, group close address together, and make a note of the start time of the sale. Also jot down specific items listed that you may be looking for ie *girls clothes.

I haven't been as many times this season as I normally do. Last Saturday we got out late without a written plan and I didn't buy anything. My mom did get some great lamps though! The kids seem to be outgrowing their clothes so I was determined to go again today. So glad that I did! I got several great items and all for less than $20!!!! Clothes and cleats for Speedy, a few clothing items and a purse for Apple, soccer socks for both, dress up clothes, and even a scarf for myself! I was even able to pick up a few onesies for a friend.

Look in this economy every penny counts. Children outgrow clothing quickly so many times its barely been worn. They also go through interests quickly whether its certain toys, books, or games. You can buy multiples at a yard sale for cheaper than what you would pay for 1 new. We always have a sale or two every year also to get rid of clothes, toys, books, and shoes that we are no longer using.

Do be careful and look over the items thoroughly for stains, rips, broken zippers, or missing buttons. Also eyeball clothes because sizes can vary greatly especially after being worn. When buying toys make sure all the pieces are there. Never be afraid to ask them to make you a deal. Most folks are just wanting to get rid of the items (but I DON'T recommend trying to rip people off). If it's marked $15 ask them to take $12. If it's clothing items and you want several ask them to come down a little.

Enjoy yard sales! Take your spouse or a friend! Don't forget your coffee and cash!

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