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Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Time!!!!

Our fall semester officially begins in the morning!!! We are all excited to use our new school room! We dabbled in there a bit last week but tomorrow will be a big day! As the teacher I am excited about new things, nervous about the logistics of having both kids working at the same time, and ready to begin! I'm all about ORGANIZATION this time! Look this week for a review of the Well Planned Day homeschool organizer! Can't wait to tell you what a difference it is going to make!!!

Speaking of organization, one of my goals this year is to make our lunches the night before. We have a specific time we are going to be getting up every morning and then a short morning routine before we begin school at 8 each day. This means we will be finished at lunchtime each day (I hope!) so rather than trying to run in and out of the classroom to make lunch or asking the kids to wait to eat, I would like to just walk in the kitchen and pull out our lunches! I also think this will be an economical approach because we will be more likely to eat leftovers and such. We have had the EasyLunchboxes system for over a year now and I LOVE it! Each container has 3 compartment one large, one small, and one extra small. They have a snap on lid (each lid is a different color) and for days we are on the go to a field trip or playdate we have a cooler bag to pack them in! We have really enjoyed these in the past for playdates at the playground. They are great for packing sandwiches, leftovers, etc. For tomorrow, Apple and Speedy have a hot dog (leftovers from tonight) and some of their favorite veggies all cut up and ready to eat! I packed a salad for myself complete with a small section of almonds and croutons! now carries the EasyLunchbox systems! You can purchase a set of 4 containers for $13.95 and if you'd like to add the cooler bag it's only $7.95. The cooler bags come in a variety of great colors! We have the Aqua!

As we go through the school year I will post pics of any fun or really good lunches I pack in these. My friend Randa makes some AWESOME bento style lunches for her son to carry to school! I'll admit it, I have EasyLunchbox bento meal envy!

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