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Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Apple for Mommy Blog Hop

Let's start a new HOMESCHOOL only blog hop! Each week I will post a topic here for us! Simply go write a post on your blog about this week's topic and then link up! I may be using guest posts in the future so if you have a homeschool blog and you're interested, shoot me an email at

Here we go, a simple topic for our first time, what is something new you are trying in your homeschool time this year? This can be a new subject, a new supply or tool, a new curriculum, whatever you'd like to write a post about concerning something new for you this homeschool year. Please use the thumbnail linky below to add the link to this week's topic post! Please do not put your general blog address but the specific address to this topic post! Have fun and be sure to hop around to the other homeschool sites! We learn most from other homeschooling families!!!

For us our big new thing this year is a Science co op! If you've followed me long you know I have bemoaned the fact that there are no real homeschool co ops in our town even though we have a HUGE homeschool population. I began developing a co op plan last year but decided it was just too large of an undertaking for me right now. My wonderful friend Tammy decided she really wanted a fun interactive science class for her kids and so she created one! Our library is allowing us to use a large room there every other Friday. The kids are L-O-V-I-N-G it! The first week our subject was mammals and we had lots of different stations for the kids to learn about and explore mammal info. This week was birds and the kids dissected owl pellets! Super gross, I was totally green the whole time but they loved it! And they learned so much! I cannot wait for the next set of lessons! We are so excited about it that we threw the science textbook we were using to the side so we could use the book a majority of the class is using. This is it The World of Animals (God's Design for Life). I think classes like this are great because somethings just work better for a large group than it does for one or two kids. Also it's extra time for socialization and for the children to learn some things from another adult that has more knowledge on a certain subject than I do. Amphibians next which goes right along with this hop, hop, hop!

I can't wait to read each of your posts to see what you are doing new this year! Happy hopping!

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