And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Motivating My Monsters.....

So in typical fashion, I had all these concerns about this schoolyear. And so far none of the concerns I had have been as issue (of course the year is young!) but the things that are issues I would've never guessed.

Speedy is actually still interested in school. He wears out after about 2 hours, but for those 2 hours he is really hanging in there with us. He likes the activities and as soon as he finishes one he is ready for the next one. Right now the challenge I am running into with him is following directions. Bless his heart, he just does not like to color. He never ever has. It is really a struggle to get him to put any color on a paper and he has never colored a whole picture. He isn't into drawing either. It just doesn't interest him at all. He is beginning to write his name and some letters but that is a struggle most days. Anyway so he has had several color by number or color by letter sheets and he just doesn't want to do them. He does recognize the letters (Praise the Lord!) and he will put a dab of the correct color on the letter but he will NOT color the whole section. Today I asked him to do better and he just looked so defeated. Then he snuck in scribbling over them with a pencil. He is so much more interested in a pencil than markers or crayons. I asked him why and he said he likes a pencil more. So we had to have a talk about following directions from me and on worksheets.

Apple...... well Apple needs some motivation. She is doing well learning the material. She likes the Math U See (Praise the Lord!) and she is enjoying her other curriculums but she is SO slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. You have no idea! I mean today it was CRAZY! It's been reoccuring so I have tried several different tactics. A couple of times we had a dance break, a couple of times we had a jumping jack break, we've tried a snack break, all those just made her that much slower on the next activity. I've talked until I'm blue. Nonna and Daddy both talked with her about it. She says she likes to really study the work. Unfortunately she's really just studying the wall and the ceiling and she isn't doing her best work. Today after working for a grueling hour and a half on three fairly simple worksheets about half of it was wrong. She knows how to do the work, it's all based on her visual style of learning, it's the correct level she's just.... well... unmotivated! Because she is visual and we've started talking about grades some this year (because she handed in a test that was only half done), I made her a grade chart tonight. She's really never known about grades so I colored a small poster with A- The BEST! All or most answers correct, neat, done in a timely manner, etc.... for all the grades down to F. I'm going to introduce it to her in the morning and see how that goes. She has a competitive nature so I'm hoping this will motivate her. If this doesn't work, I'm pretty much out of ideas. The only other thing I can come up with is a sticker and treasure chest rewards system. We've tried that sort of thing before and it wasn't highly successful but we've gotta do something! School today lasted about 4 hours longer than it should have. At that rate we will never have clean clothes, dishes, or dinner because I can't do much else while she is working on her stuff! Prayers appreciated!!

Do you have a special method of motivating your kids to do their homeschool or homework?


  1. I went through the same thing with my sons as far as coloring,drawing and writing goes. I think most boys do not like it at all(the coloring part that is). On the color by numbers. How about trying some of those bingo markers they are inexpensive and come in a large number of colors. It worked for my sons.
    for Apple how about the marble in a jar method? You put a certain amount of marbles in a jar and if something isn't complete a marble is taken away then at the end of the day based on how many are left she earns a special treat or privliage. Just some thoughts to throw your way. Hope you and your kiddos have a productive school year!

  2. It's wonderful to "meet" another homeschooling mom! It sounds like you have some great ideas on what to do with your daughter. The grade chart sounds great. Hopefully it will work!
    I will pray with & for you - each day is a new day and brings challenges and blessings, doesn't it?! (Please pray for me too as I start homeschool next week with my 3rd grader, preschooler, and 2 little ones!)

    Thanks for linking up at my Not Going to BlogHer Linky! (Sorry I'm so late in visiting - it's been crazy lately!) I'm a new follower! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Little Homeschool Mom- I am so glad to hear that there are other children that are interested in coloring! All his friends from playschool last year and his church buddies like coloring (at least more than he does) so I was beginning to feel a little concerned! And the bingo markers are a great idea that I had not thought of! Thank you!!! If we move to a rewards program I may try the marbles method.

    Erika- Thanks for hosting the linky and for stopping by! I will certainly pray for you and your 4! I love "meeting" other homeschool families as well!

  4. Hi and thanks for the follow, following you back! My kids are way beyond coloring and coloring by number, etc. but I work in a preschool and some of the kiddos don't like to color either. Some just want to "get by" so they can move on to the next thing. Good luck!

  5. Hello! Had the same S L O W issue with my oldest son until I began using the time-tracker timer. LOVE that thing! Amazon sells them, I think.


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