And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Outside and Play! #C2Play2Day

The weather is so nice out in Tennessee lately! All Summer it was extremely hot and we were not able to play as much outdoors as we would've liked. Clorox is encouraging families to go out and play! They have a special website launched to get you to pledge time playing outside for your family! Sign up here to make your pledge and the chance to enter for prizes!

Now how do we enjoy chaos outside? We love to camp! Camping is an amazing bonding experience for a family. You are able to truly enjoy God's creation when you get out and spend a few days in it! Now I'm not a primitive camper (especially not with children!) so we go to campgrounds that are in nature, beautiful, and come equipped with bathrooms and showers! Camping is a great time to enjoy playing outside with your kids. We always carry along a football and now we'll begin taking the soccer balls with us too! You can also take nature walks, fish, play hide and seek, do races, and much more! Our kids love to be in the outdoors! They are in love with constant picnics outside from food made on the grill. It's a great time to spend as a family, reconnecting with one another and with God!

Soccer is our other main outdoor activity right now. The kids have regular games and practices, and we are also spending quite a bit of time in the back yard kicking the ball around. It's hectic to have them both playing but it's fun too! If your children are involved in a sport or team, take time to practice with them either at the field or in your own back yard! Our kids love when we play too!

Hubby loves to take the kids for nature walks. They went out to collect cool rocks last night. The kids were both so excited when they brought their "treasures" home. Small, inexpensive activities outdoors keep you and your children moving, give all of you a new appreciation for God's creation, and it's healthy for everyone involved! Our lifestyles so easily become sedantary. We want our kids to be healthy and enjoy life! We all like television, computer time, reading, etc but as families we need to find that right balance between sitting activities and moving activities. I know for our children, simple expending some energy can be the difference between a peaceful afternoon and a SUPER CHAOTIC one. Most days Apple and Speedy need to get out and just run, swing, yell, and move! That's best done outside for their health and mine!

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