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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life with 2 Athletes

So.......... both kids wanted to play soccer this season. Apple played last year and was luke warm about the whole experience (read she LOVED the trophy, hated being hot, & wasn't sure how she felt about the actual game of soccer) but insisted that if Speedy played this time, she really wanted to play as well. We were a little apprehensive about them both playing because we knew we were looking at 2 teams, 2 practices, 2 games, etc. However being loving parents we decided to go for it! (Actually Hubby is still kicking and screaming but he's quieted down a bit)

They've been placed on teams and have practiced the last couple of weeks. They were able to secure spots on teams with one of my bestie's children (therefore some of their buddies) so that made for happier munchkins. So far things are going pretty well other than Speedy loves to lay on the ground, loll on the ground, roll over the ball on the ground, etc....... so if I post a picture of a cleat embedded into his head, well you've been prewarned.

It's threatened the whole time but tonight it finally happened. Speedy had practice from 5:30-6:30 and Apple had a friendly from 6:30-7:30. I don't know which is worse, back to back games/ practices so we can see both or simultaneous ones where we don't have to be at the fields for 2 hours! It was HOT tonight. Very hot and sweaty. Speedy's practice went well. He tried to stay off the ground this time but he wanted a water break every 2.5 minutes.

Then we went over to Apple's scrimmage. I was a little nervous for her because this is the bigger league, with some very athletic girls and boys. Okay first I was kind of excited because this was the first time EVER, seriously EVER, where she wasn't the tallest kid!! Most of the kids are 7 & 8 so out of 16 kids, 2 were actually taller than her! She didn't even notice. I was very proud of her though, she definately held her own on the field. She needs to polish up a few areas and it looks like I need to learn the actual rules so I can explain them better to her but she did great!

We didn't have dinner until almost 8 pm. I am the schedule QUEEN. I love schedules and my kids "normal" bedtime is 8 pm. We NEVER eat dinner at 8 pm. We usually eat dinner about 5:30. Any other time we would have eaten early before Speedy's practice but an unfortunate series of events earlier in the day led us to a late lunch. Let's just say after dinner at the local pizza buffet and quick showers to get the dirt off, my monkeys PASSED out. Wonder what the chances are that they will sleep late? (In case you're wondering to the chances are about 1 in 50,000. My kids just do NOT sleep past 7:30. E.V.E.R.) One can only dream...........

Can't wait to see what it will be like when the real games start in a little over a week!

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