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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Full of Goodness

I've told you about Klout perks before. In case you didn't get my other hints, you should totally join Klout! All you need is a social media account so if you are already on Facebook or Twitter, you're in! Klout measures your online influence and then along with some great companies, rewards you with perks for having an online presence. My latest perk is the best I've gotten so far!

I knew I was getting a Chiquita perk but I wasn't sure what it would involve..... coupon for free bananas maybe? Boy was I pleasantly surprised when this HUGE box arrived at my door! I got a box o swag! It was chock full with:

A wooden banana hanger (I just priced those the other day!)
A over the shoulder backpack
A reusuable grocery sack
A reusable water bottle
A pencil
2 temporary tatoos
A t-shirt
An umbrella
Chapstick (which my kids promptly fought over)
And a coupn for FREE Chiquita bites!

So guess what.... Chiquita does more than bananas! Don't feel bad, I didn't know either! They have "bites" which are prepacked fruits & veggies like pineapple and carrots, avocados, bananas, pineapple, and juice + fruit duos! My kids love fresh fruit and veggies but I am always looking for time savers and easy to grab snacks. We are really looking forward to trying the bites and juice + fruit duos. What great snacks and lunch bag goodies!

Thank you Chiquita and Klout for the fantastic perks! Want to know more? Find out your Klout score at and find Chiquita on Twitter @Chiquita!

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